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The #1 platform for faster closings.

Buy and sell homes online today. With Notarize, customers can review, sign and collaborate on documents in a closing experience in less than 30 minutes. 

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  • On-demand closings
  • Trusted by the leading Lenders & Title Agents
  • Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac approved
  • Top rated iPhone, iPad & Web apps
  • 100% Paperless

Online closings - from hybrid to 100% paperless.

Homebuyers and sellers can now close online from anywhere and anytime - eliminating paper, travel, shipping, and scheduling. Borrowers simply validate their identity and connect over a live video call to execute the document package. Online 24x7 from any web browser or mobile device.

Notarize_Online Mortgage Closing. Remote online notarization. Online closing screenshot.

Collaborate with your closing partners.

Build and administer transactions with your lender and title partners. Once transactions are created, tag docs to ensure proper execution, QC for final clear to close, and track status in real-time.

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Collaborate with your closing partners.

Better closings with fewer errors.

Error validation prevents incomplete or inaccurate signings - no more missing signatures! Dedicated notaries know how to follow your closing instructions and walk borrowers through the closing package. The closing video and metadata are recorded, instantly available and auditable to improve compliance and your borrowers’ experience.

Better closings with fewer errors.

Fully automate your operations.

It’s simple to get started with our online tools. When you’re ready to scale, our APIs allow you to fully automate your closing operations. Create transactions, collaborate with your partners, notify borrowers, track status, and retrieve completed documents via our REST API.

Notarize_Online Mortgage Closing API. Automate online mortgage closings and real estate transactions.

Sell into the secondary market.

Use our eVault or your own to sell eNotes into the secondary market - our platform is agnostic. Need eNotes? We generate them for you. Reduce your warehouse dwell times from 20 days to just one. Virtually eliminate your post-closing operations through automation.

Sell into the secondary market.

Easily know where online closings are supported.

Notarize automatically verifies which transactions are eligible for an online closing. Discover which agents from the Notarize Title Network can support the transaction and which underwriters will insure the closing.

Know Where Online Closings are Supported.
Mid America
Eagle Home
Merchants Bank
"It is great to be first to market with this e-closing technology because it enables our network of mortgage brokers to be leaders in the industry. This ultimately eliminates the traditional closing table, as borrowers can close a loan at their own convenience, from anywhere and at any time."
Mat Ishbia
President/CEO, United Wholesale Mortgage
"A major roadblock to achieving a fully digital mortgage has been the need to execute and notarize closing documents in paper form. I’ve been an eMortgage advocate for nearly a decade and Notarize is the first solution I’ve seen that truly eliminates this challenge and enables closing agents to deliver the digital closing experience borrowers expect. I’m proud to have joined forces with Notarize and the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association to spur passage of the recent Texas Remote Notarization Bill, and thanks to our combined efforts, Mid America Mortgage is one of the first lenders in the country to offer borrowers a truly digital, online closing experience using the Notarize platform."
Jeff Bode
CEO, Mid America Mortgage
"At Lenda, we’re focused on using technology to reimagine the borrower’s entire experience, reducing cost, creating transparency, and driving efficiency end-to-end. Borrowers expect to close their loans online. With Notarize, we can meet them online - allowing them to close whenever and wherever they want. This creates unlimited opportunities for us to innovate and offer our borrowers a fundamentally better experience."
Jason van den Brand
CEO, Lenda
"At Eagle Home Mortgage, we've long believed in the power of technology to help improve the home buying experience. Unfortunately, a digital closing process has been the missing link, creating headaches for our borrowers and inefficiencies for our business. Notarize fills that gap and for the first time allows us to offer our clients their ideal closing experience - when and where they want. We're excited to partner with Notarize to help open up the market for online closings."
Jimmy Timmons
President, Eagle Home Mortgage
"At Merchants, we’ve advocated for years that digital processes could dramatically improve the last mile of the mortgage process. However, lack of lender uptake on digital closings has impeded our ability to move forward at scale. With Notarize, we finally have the product and partnerships to drive consumer demand and give lenders the incentive to move fully digital. The result is our customers are more efficient and profitable. Digital closings reduce the so-called “dwell time” it takes for our lenders to sell a loan into the secondary market from 20-30 days to less than 3. This streamlines the back-end of the mortgage process and helps everyone involved achieve new efficiencies and reduce the risks associated with paper transactions. We look forward to helping bring these efficiencies long overdue to the mortgage industry."
Mike Dunlap
President & COO, Merchants Bank of Indiana

Why choose Notarize?

Bank grade secruity

5-Star Rated Notary Agents

Professional notary agents, dedicated to your business, and trained to your organization’s needs. Quality-controlled delivery environment.


Bank-Grade Security

End-to-end secure, encrypted transactions. PKI-based document signatures and notary-applied tamper seals. Third-party audited security and compliance processes. SOC 2 compliant.


VIP Service

Dedicated, high quality support for your business and your signers. Customer success program to guide your implementation and maximize the value of your Notarize integration.


APIs and Integrations

Seamlessly integrate Notarize with your existing apps and services. Currently integrated with the leading title production platforms.

Title agent collaboration

Collaborate online

Loan officers, title agents, and realtors can participate in the closing any time and in real-time.


eNote, eVault and MERS setup

We help get you eClose-ready in just a few weeks. Using hybrids? Notarize will give path to 100% online closings.

How it Works.