The Future of Car Buying

Unlocking the 'Last Mile' of the Car Buying Journey 

The COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated that complexity, causing automakers and retailers to rethink their ‘digital retail’ capabilities. However, existing retail tools still too often function in a disjointed manner, and ultimately direct the shopper to a physical showroom to complete the sale.

Join J.D. Power's VP of Auto and Retail, Chris Sutton and Notarize's CEO, Pat Kinsel for a free webinar during which they will discuss the current digital retail environment, and how online notarizations are digitizing the future of car buying. 

The webinar is May 5 from 2:00 – 2:45pm EST. Reserve your seat by entering your information on the right. 

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What You'll Learn

The New Wave of Car Buying

57% completed a component of the  vehicle purchase online. Learn how RON brings the auto industry into the 21st century.

The Future of Car Buying In a
New Virtual-First World

Consumers want an online purchase option for almost everything they buy these days. Learn how digitizing the car-buying experience is what today’s auto buying consumer desires.

J.D.Power Notarize Now
Speaker Q&A

We know buying and selling a car online is a change. Our post-event Q&A is your chance to ask your most pressing  questions.


Who Should Attend this Webinar

ron-persona Dealerships 

Close loans faster
Cut out in-person processes 
Competitive market advantage 

ron-persona Digital Retail Providers

Forecast deal and pipeline velocity 
Transparency into your sales
Audit trail of completed contracts

ron-persona Car Manufacturers

Help eliminate mistakes 
Reduce contract funding delays 
Improve dealer relationships

ron-persona Lenders

Reduce or eliminate identity fraud
Speed up contract funding 
Dramatically reduce dwell times

"Digitally closing transactions saves us a lot of time and money,Previously, it would take 4-6 days to complete a sale, with significant email back and forth and costs associated with sending paper documents for signatures. With J.D. Power Notarize Now we have our notarized paperwork back in about a half hour and we are saving substantial money by eliminating overnight fees.” closing."

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