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What is Notarize?

Notarize is the first ever online notary public service, enabling any person or business to legally notarize their documents online.

Notarize offers an unprecedented ability to verify notary transactions. In standard notarizations, the paper journal entry serves as the only record of a notary transaction [although many states don’t require a journal at all]. There is no ability to easily access the journal entry, ensure the correct customer executed the document, nor verify the document remains unaltered. Notarize addresses all of these challenges.

Per the enabling Virginia law Notarize operates under, all Notarize customers must complete a robust identity verification process before connecting with one of our online notaries public. All transactions are also video recorded. Per the relevant regulations, certain elements of these records are available to relevant third parties as a means to easily authenticate and validate an online notarization performed on our platform. See below for further instructions.

Verify a Single Notarization

If you need to verify a single notarization, access the Notarize Verification Portal and input the secret attributes from the document in your possession.

Verify Documents at Scale

Every notarization completed on our platform includes an X509 digital security certificate. You can download a file to either your machine or corporate network that will allow you to more efficiently verify Notarize transactions without accessing our portal. If interested, contact

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