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How it works

There's going to come a day when you need to get something notarized. When that day comes, wouldn’t you rather do it from your kitchen? In the same time it takes to make a sandwich?

  1. Hand holding iPhone with Notarize app
    1. Upload a Document

    Notarize any document by uploading it to your computer or iPhone. You can access documents from your email, by taking a picture on your phone, or through cloud storage services like Dropbox.

  2. Jar of Mayo
    Hand holding ID
    2. Prove Your Identity

    Notarize uses a patent-pending forensic analysis to verify government issued photo IDs and passports. Take a picture of your government issued ID, answer a few questions, and Notarize will confirm your identity in seconds.

  3. Hand signing document on iPhone
    Bacon frying in a pan
    3. Rich Annotation Tools

    Before connecting with a live notary agent, prepare your document for signing by filling out any forms or fields online.

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    Live video chat on laptop
    4. Connect Over Live Video

    Connect with a licensed Virginia electronic notary public over live video to sign your document. The Notarize agent will confirm your identity, witness your signature and assist you throughout the process.

  5. Laptop with Notarized document
    Piece of bread
    5. Legally Notarize Documents

    Once you have signed, the Notarize agent will complete the notary block of your document, applying an electronic notarization seal and signature in the process.

  6. Notarized document and sandwich on a plate
    6. You’re Notarized!

    Download your notarized document to a cloud storage service like Dropbox or email it to anyone.

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