Integrate Encompass with Notarize for
Faster, Error-Free Closings 

Lenders that automate their closings with Encompass and Notarize close 80% faster, and save thousands per transaction with efficiencies to both the closing and post-closing process.  



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How Notarize's Integration with Encompass Works

We've spent the last year getting feedback from lenders, and working closely with Ellie Mae to help you offer fully online, and hybrid closings for borrowers.


Once integrated, here's how it works:

1. Check loan eligibility
2. Select transaction type
3. Create transaction
4. Add contacts
5. Send


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“Through this integration, our customers will be able to automate key workflow to determine online closing eligibility. This ultimately saves time and reduces friction in the loan origination process, a benefit as lenders look to close loans faster and provide a more seamless experience.”

Parvesh Sahi, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Ellie Mae


Win more borrower business by passing on operational efficiencies. 

By saving time and money on operational efficiencies with Notarize's Encompass integration, you can pass those savings along to borrowers. Better rates mean more business.

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