Member Pages for Credit Unions

Digitize your notarization workflows with a custom member page. Opt in, and the Notarize team will design a page custom to you and your business. Signers have the ability to upload their personal documents or use a template from your curated document library.
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Notarize By the Numbers

all-time notarizations for signers across the globe, which leads the industry
average rating across 150K customer reviews, which leads the industry

Built to Support Your Members, 24x7

The Notarize platform automates 4.5 million transaction compliance rules in support of hundreds of thousands of credit union members each year. Their documents include:
Most Common Use Cases:
Durable Power of Attorney
Funds / Wire Transfer Agreement
Joint Ownership Deletion
Check Fraud Affidavit
…in addition to 50+ other credit union use cases!!
Powerful Enterprise Capabilities for Everyone
  • Notary availability at enterprise scale
  • Annotation and editing tools reduce signing time and document errors
  • Verification through multi-factor authentication (KBA and credential analysis)
  • No-code transaction creation solutions
  • Open APIs enable integration for a seamless user experience
  • Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • User provisioning via System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)
  • Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and data protection

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions found in the Affiliate Partner Terms.

Notarize will build a free, custom-branded webpage for the first 100 Credit Unions who sign up for this offer. Notarize will create the free, custom-branded webpage as soon as practicable, but Notarize is under no obligation to create the page by a set date.

If requested, Notarize will create a document library for you. The amount of time it will take to create this document library depends on the number of documents and the complexity of those documents. Notarize, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to decline to add one or more requested documents to the document library.

If you post a link on your website to the custom-branded webpage and your customer purchases Notarize services via a link provided by Notarize, your customer will receive $5 off the transaction. The $5 discount is not available for any residential real estate-related transactions.

This is a limited time offer. At its sole discretion, Notarize may end the program at any time and Notarize may change the program with 30 days of notice. The value of this offer is $0.01.

v. Feb. 27, 2023