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IdenTrust is the global leader in trusted identity solutions, recognized by global financial institutions, government agencies and corporations around the world. Notarize is helping IdenTrust customers secure their identity remotely.

IdenTrust enables organizations to effectively manage the risks associated with identity authentication by providing a unique, legally and technologically interoperable environment for authenticating and using identities worldwide.

IdenTrust TrustID digital identity credentials guarantee the identity of people and their business affiliation online. These credentials, also called digital certificates, provide the foundation for all e-business transactions and relationships.

TrustID Business Certificates allow individuals to authenticate themselves as an employee of an identified business or organization. This will allow the individual to conduct business by digitally signing documents to replace “wet ink” signatures (e.g. signing a contract) or to authenticate as an employee of an organization to gain access to a PKI-enabled application (e.g. a secure web server).

By using TrustID digital credentials, organizations can move entire processes online resulting in reduced costs, higher revenues and gains in competitive advantage.


What requires notarization?

Employees of organizations and financial institutions rely on IdenTrust to provide secure digital credentials. Prior to receiving a credential, these employees are required to validate their identity in accordance with the governing digital Certificate Policy, by presenting government-issued documentation to an authorized registration agent or notary for inspection.

Before Notarize, IdenTrust had three options to satisfy identity verification requirements for its customers requiring TrustID Business certificates: 1) customers needed to travel to an IdenTrust facility to meet with an authorized employee of the company; 2) IdenTrust employees needed to drive across cities, counties and states to meet their customers in person; or 3) customers were required to travel to meet in-person with a notary to verify their identity. This requirement added significant cost, complexity and inconvenience to the applicant, resulting in processing delays in providing secure credentials to their customers.

IdenTrust With Notarize.

IdenTrust uses a notary public to assist with confirmation of personally identifying artifacts and data; by leveraging a digital notary solution to service its customers remotely, the notarization process can be accomplished online and without delay. The online notarization process allows a certificate applicant and the remote notary to share documents for immediate notarization. Subsequently, IdenTrust can access the notarized document in an online repository and quickly complete the certificate application. A process that previously took days to complete now takes minutes.

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