Vital Records Online Utilizes Notarize, Making it Easier Than Ever to Obtain Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate Replacements From Home

It’s no simple task to get an official copy of a birth, death, or marriage certificate - it often requires taking time off work and standing in line for hours at your local courthouse or state agency – and that’s before you need to track down a notary public to help you complete the process. 

There must be a better way for Americans to get their hands on these critical documents - especially in the time of COVID-19 when many public offices are closed, and it’s increasingly difficult to access a notary in person.

Why Are Vital Records So Important?

The birth certificate seems to be the holy grail of vital records, and most key document requests will ask for your birth certificate to kickstart the process and verify your identity. The process of securing a passport, Social Security card, and driver’s and marriage licenses all start with a request for your birth certificate. But not everyone has a bonafide original or official birth certificate on hand.

That’s where requesting a vital record online comes in handy – and it can be a real-time-saver in our current world.

Why Am I Being Asked to Get My Documents Notarized?

Vital records, such as passports and birth certificates, are acceptable forms of identity verification in most cases. However, some situations and applications require additional documentation or a notarization to verify one’s identity and get consent from a signer. 

For instance, a minor traveling internationally without their legal guardian needs a letter of consent that validates their safety. This letter must be notarized, as the child’s passport alone will not be enough to leave the country.

Some states require vital records applications to be notarized - and Notarize helps make that happen.

States that require notarization include:

  1. California        
  2. Texas
  3. New York City            
  4. Minnesota
  5. Missouri
  6. Iowa

​Recently, Tom Gardner needed an official stamped version of his birth certificate - he only had a copy. He utilized Vital Records Online and Notarize and said, “The service was simply fantastic. I was totally happy with it. Everything happened the way they said it would. It was totally easy. Even the notary set up. Wow!

Speed and Ease, When It's Needed Most

At Notarize, we’re at the forefront of helping people get their critical documents notarized quickly. We’ve worked with Vital Records Online since 2019 to provide a remote option for Americans born in a state where the vital records application requires notarization. 

Why Did Vital Records Online Choose as Their Notary Service?

We’ll let Vital Records Online CEO Guillaume Ker answer that question:

“We chose Notarize for several compelling reasons: their regulatory compliance, brand trust, reliability, and their attention to customer privacy and security. Knowing Notarize could handle our client volume was also imperative.”

Since 2019, more than 50,000 applications from have been notarized through our online service. Requesting vital record replacements has never been easier than using an online service that guides you through the application process and connects you quickly and easily to Notarize to complete your online notarization in just a few minutes. 

Obtaining vital records can be difficult without utilizing the right services. You can spend hours in line in person or use an online service like that has a database of paperwork and information needed when filling out applications. Their database, along with the help of their representatives, can be accessed entirely online. 

You no longer have to go to the courthouse, Health Department, or in-person notary public when applying for vital records - you can do it all from home!