This Week at Notarize Episode #5: Defining Culture in Your Company

We're back with a new episode of "This Week at Notarize" – our weekly series about everything happening inside Notarize! This week we're talking about culture. So much of the success of any company comes down to how connected employees are to each other, and the mission they're rallied around. What many companies get wrong, is they believe that culture is a fixed idea, and what you have some semblance of it, that it never changes.

That's why I was excited to interview Jasmeet Arora and Kevin Fanning, who are both heavily active in helping us define our culture here at Notarize. 

Welcome back to the show!

Episode #5: Featuring Jasmeet Arora and Kevin Fanning:

  • What culture means to them, and how they think about creating it 🤝
  • How we've made strides to make our culture more inclusive 🙌
  • Why it's important for companies should view culture as something that is always evolving 💥