This Week at Notarize: Digital Inclusion Week 2021 with Nicole Booth

Season #2 Episode #16: Digital Inclusion Week 2021

This episode of This Week at Notarize focuses on an important issue: Digital Inclusion. Access to digital services, like Notarize, has become increasingly important as we transition into a more remote lifestyle and as organizations strive to create more accessible and flexible environments.

To raise awareness, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) is hosting Digital Inclusion Week this week (October 4 - October 8, 2021) to recognize and promote digital equity across the country. NDIA is working to raise awareness for digital equity projects across the spectrum - ranging from home internet access, digital literacy programs, access to devices, and more.

Nicole Booth, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, joins Andrew in this episode to talk about this important cause. Nicole and Andrew discuss why this is more important now than ever, what Digital Inclusion Week entails, and how you can learn more.