This Week at Notarize: Announcing Our Integration with airSlate & US Legal Forms

Season #2 Episode #13: Announcing Our Integration with airSlate & US Legal Forms

This week at Notarize, we’re joined by Kyle Kelleher, Director of Growth at airSlate and US Legal Forms, to celebrate our new integration with US Legal Forms.

What does this partnership mean?

As the largest source of legal forms online with more than 85,000 state-specific documents, US Legal Forms users can easily download, print, and now also notarize forms online, saving time and money.

“We are excited to partner with a fellow Boston-based company that is aligned with our goal of making digital transformation easier for both businesses and consumers,” said Borya Shakhnovich, CEO and co-founder, airSlate, the parent company of US Legal Forms. “In speaking with our customers over the past year, we recognized a growing demand for notarization capabilities - especially in these increasingly remote and hybrid-remote environments. Through our partnership with Notarize, we are happy to be able to meet that need and make it easier and more cost-effective for our customers to complete notarizations completely online.”

Notarize and airSlate share a mission to innovate and update the outdated processes for consumers and business who are now living in a digital-first world.

Our CEO, Pat Kinsel, shares a few words: “As the world moves to adapt to rapid changes and increasingly seeks out online solutions that are more convenient, fast and secure, Notarize is thrilled to solve the last, traditionally-offline step for airSlate customers with Notarize’s 100% digital and fully-compliant notarization solution.”

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We hope you enjoy the show!