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Close Home Equity Loans, Online – Announcing Notarize for HELOC Transactions

10 million.

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Announcing Notarize for Purchase Transactions – Now Millions More Can Buy a Home, Online

For decades, the process of buying a home has remained largely unchanged.

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Title Agents, Another Reason to Offer Your Customers Online Notarization: Announcing Live Title Agent Participation

Notarize allows anyone to connect with a notary public online to complete a variety of transactions from a simple notarization to an online mortgage signing [a full eMortgage]. We’re online 24x7 and have a platform that works for every transaction across a range of devices: the web, iOS and recently Android too.

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Notarize achieves SOC 2 compliance – delivering the most secure platform for life’s most important transactions

We believe life’s most sensitive and important transactions require the most secure platform.

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Can I Get a Witness? Yes You Can! Now Supporting Witness-Required Documents

Two weeks ago, we announced an exciting partnership with Westcor to support fully online closings in 17 states and to millions of Americans across the country. Today, we’re excited to launch a new addition to Notarize for Mortgage - the support for witness-required documents, further enabling lenders and title agents to legally notarize documents online.

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Introducing Notarize for Android: Regardless of Device, You Can Get Legal Notarizations Online, Anytime

At Notarize, we’ve had thousands of documents notarized on our desktop and iOS apps. Today, we’re pumped to open up the same online notarization goodness to the millions of Americans who are Android users.

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Batch Transactions - Send Documents to 200 People at Once

What if you had to send out a single document to 200 signers, one by one? That’d be pretty painful, right?

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Notarize Smart Recovery: Here for You When the Internet Isn't

Since we launched Notarize, we’ve been committed to bringing our customers a world class online notarization solution that always just works. But sometimes your experience can be impacted by forces beyond our direct control.

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Notarize for Business: Remove the mystery from notarizations

How do businesses use Notarize? Our business product consists of two key pieces: the business portal or API, where businesses can quickly create transactions and send unsigned documents to signers, and the signer portal, where the signer can connect with a notary and sign a document. Once the notarization is complete the document is sent right back to the business and the signer retains a copy for their records. Easy peasy, and the business can get on with their work. But what’s up with that sent document that says it’s been in an “attempted” state for three days?   

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Notarize for Mortgage Updated: Instant MERS Registration

As I outlined in my blog post about the complications of eMortgage, an electronically executed promissory note must be delivered into the secondary market in a specific and timely manner. Given the concerns about the ownership and control of the note, the eMortgage ecosystem has developed standardized requirements that the promissory note be executed by the borrower in the form of a MISMO SMART Doc eNote. eNotes must also be stored, transferred, and registered via an eVault with connections to MERS for delivery into the secondary market. MERS is the legal system of record for identifying the Controller (holder) and Location (custodian) for the authoritative copy of a registered eNote and is the industry standard for this practice. These rules are enforced by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, who will not purchase electronically executed notes if they do not comply with this process.

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