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We're Opening the Notarize Platform, Adding 1,000 Notaries

At Notarize, we’ve seen firsthand how the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is throwing the worlds of real estate and notary into crisis. The sacred notarial process – rooted in face-to-face interaction for hundreds of years – cannot function amidst a life-threatening pandemic. Industries that rely upon notaries are grinding to a halt.

To help solve the challenge of our time, we are opening the Notarize platform to commissioned notaries and title agents to meet the surge in demand for online notarizations.

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Tennessee Passes Online Notarization Bill

There are many reasons to love Tennessee: the incredible country-music scene, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the delicious southern cooking. And of course, Dollywood.

Today, there’s another reason to love the Volunteer State: Tennessee has just voted to bring a centuries-old practice into the modern era.

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Notary 101: What Does a Notary Public Do?

You may have needed a notarization at some point in time and had to meet with a notary public, whether in-person or digitally. But who are the people who are stamping your docs and what do they do?

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Online Notaries Serving Americans Around the World

These pins represent the locations of the last 5,000 customers our notaries have served. While we can all relate to our customers' stories here at home, it's extraordinary to think of the time and frustration we're saving people traveling and living abroad. For example, an American in Nigeria connected with Notarize - she would have otherwise needed to travel 10 hours by car to the US Embassy. This story repeats itself constantly.

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National Notary Association Releases Model Legislation with Provisions for Remote Online Notarization

Today, the National Notary Association (NNA) released new model notarial legislation in the Model Electronic Notarization Act of 2017 (MENA).

Building upon its landmark Model Notary Act of 2010, MENA includes comprehensive standard provisions which states can use to enable their notaries to safely and effectively perform notarial acts using modern electronic means. MENA also includes explicit provisions for recognition and acceptance of electronic notarial acts duly performed by other states’ notaries.

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Putting Trust back into Notarization

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new agreement with the National Notary Association (NNA), one of the leading authorities on America’s notary industry, and Bryce Hall, the preeminent notary trainer in the Commonwealth of Virginia, to help train and support our notaries to serve customers nationwide. For our team here at Notarize, this marks a major milestone.

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What about the 28%?

We’re in the heart of the political campaign season and we hear a lot of talk about the 1%.

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Why we notarize documents

Many of life's most important transactions must be notarized. Collectively, we notarize more than 1.25 billion documents per year. While that's an enormous number of notarizations, some people only notarize a few documents in their lives and are unfamiliar with the purpose... they wonder: why does a stranger need to watch me sign a document?

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