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Bringing notarization into the 21st Century

Digital Mortgages Will Save the Real Estate Industry $1 Billion Each Year

United Wholesale Mortgage CEO Mat Ishbia believes that by the end of 2019, the majority of home closings will be done online. The market is moving in the right direction, but what if we took it one step further and imagined a world where the entire home buying process is completed online.

We believe this fully digital real estate experience – from instant mortgages to online closings – will unlock more than $1 billion in savings for companies across the country.

And that’s being conservative.

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Wyndham and Silk Offer Complete Online Closings through Notarize

At Notarize, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be innovative. During our award-winning demo at Digital Mortgage Conference 2018, we committed to making Notarize for Mortgage a platform that could support every type of closing - paper, hybrid, or online.

Today, we make good on that promise.

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Welcoming Title Agents to the New Age of Online Closings

When we launched Notarize for Mortgage in August, we said it was only the beginning of our efforts to transform the home buying and mortgage closing experience. Today, we’re announcing the next iteration of the Notarize Mortgage Platform with a suite of new services that enable title agents to connect and collaborate with lenders, buyers and sellers around online closings.

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10 Attendees You’ll Want to Meet at MBA Tech

Mortgage industry influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs: MBA Tech attracts them all. We love conferences because it’s a unique opportunity to meet those that are shaping the future of the mortgage industry. With a conference that attracts hundreds of people, it can feel overwhelming when it comes to targeting people you'd like to meet.

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10 Sessions We're Excited to Attend at MBA Tech

The mortgage technology world is moving at breakneck speeds and for good reason. Consumers are demanding a better and faster experience when it comes to buying or selling their home. So when an event comes along that will teach you all about the new mortgage tech that will help you deliver on a better customer experience, we’re there. That’s why we’re packing up and heading to MBA’s Technology Solutions Conference and Expo in Detroit, MI.

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Notarize for HELOC Transactions: Close Home Equity Loans, Online

10 million.

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Florida Agency Network performs the state’s first ever online eClosing

Long-time Florida resident, Barbara Ferrell, was experiencing the daunting and life-changing moment that so many Americans face – the selling of her home. Just this past winter, she listed for sale her condo in the oceanside community of St. Petersburg, beginning the journey of finding another owner to call it home.

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Announcing Notarize for Purchase Transactions: Buy a Home, Online

For decades, the process of buying a home has remained largely unchanged.

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Announcing Notarize and Westcor: Online Mortgage Closings in 16 States

At Notarize, it’s our mission to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives, including one of life’s most important decisions – the purchase of a new home or mortgage.

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Remote vs. Online Closings: What Do They Mean for the Industry?

The world of mortgages is launching into the 21st century - and so are the tools to get them done.

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