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Notarize, Eagle Complete First Remote Online Closing Using a Texas Notary

Notarize is a company that prides itself on being first. We were the first company to build a platform that could legally execute remote online notarizations. Last summer, we were the first to execute a mortgage closing entirely online through the Notarize for Mortgage platform. We constantly strive to be first to market with solutions that reinvent industries by rethinking the way people do business.

And some firsts we’re lucky enough to do twice.

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The First Online Mortgage Closing in Texas Has Arrived

Just yesterday, Erich Gellert sat at his dining room table eagerly hovering over his laptop. Slightly past midnight, while most of his neighbors were fast asleep, Erich was about to make history. With a few simple clicks of his mouse, he purchased a new home over the internet - becoming the first home owner to complete a 100% paperless mortgage closing in the state of Texas.

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Florida Agency Network performs the state’s first ever online eClosing

Long-time Florida resident, Barbara Ferrell, was experiencing the daunting and life-changing moment that so many Americans face – the selling of her home. Just this past winter, she listed for sale her condo in the oceanside community of St. Petersburg, beginning the journey of finding another owner to call it home.

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