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Notarize achieves SOC 2 compliance – delivering the most secure platform for life’s most important transactions

We believe life’s most sensitive and important transactions require the most secure platform.

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Batch Transactions - Send Documents to 200 People at Once

What if you had to send out a single document to 200 signers, one by one? That’d be pretty painful, right?

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Notarize Smart Recovery: Here for You When the Internet Isn't

Since we launched Notarize, we’ve been committed to bringing our customers a world class online notarization solution that always just works. But sometimes your experience can be impacted by forces beyond our direct control.

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Notarize for Business: Remove the mystery from notarizations

How do businesses use Notarize? Our business product consists of two key pieces: the business portal or API, where businesses can quickly create transactions and send unsigned documents to signers, and the signer portal, where the signer can connect with a notary and sign a document. Once the notarization is complete the document is sent right back to the business and the signer retains a copy for their records. Easy peasy, and the business can get on with their work. But what’s up with that sent document that says it’s been in an “attempted” state for three days?   

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Announcing Notarize for iPad

We’ve always felt that our iPhone app has offered our best customer experience. Think about the pain of getting documents notarized the old fashioned way and compare it to the convenience of a device that’s always with you. Need something notarized right now? Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, all you need is what’s in your pocket.

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Sending Multi-Doc Transactions With Notarize For Business

Many businesses choose to partner with Notarize so they can enable their customers to notarize documents electronically. While this saves everyone involved the time and trouble of finding a traditional paper notary, we wanted to make it even easier to complete multiple documents at once. Today, we are pleased to announce that Notarize Businesses can now send out multi-doc transactions!

With this latest feature release, Notarize for Business customers can create a transaction containing more than one document that requires signature.

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Now Business Accounts Can Resend Their Transactions

From start to finish, using traditional methods to get a document notarized can be daunting. That’s why Notarize offers a solution for easily creating, sending, and collecting document transactions. But what happens when the signer forgets to complete their document? Because we understand that this can be time-sensitive, we’ve empowered our business customers to resend a transaction access email!

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Introducing Multi-Signer Transactions

As your business grows, so may your need for more complex notarizations. As we continue to offer support for all your notarization needs, we understand that document completion sometimes involves two signers for a single document. As of today, Notarize for Business customers can send out multi-signer transactions!

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Introducing the Notarize Partner API

We’re thrilled to announce Notarize for Developers — an API to automate the collection of notarized documents.

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Notarize +

At Notarize, we’ve come to appreciate that a notarization can often hold up some of life’s most important transactions. As people are trying to buy a home, transfer assets, or open an account, that process often grinds to a halt as someone searches to find a notary and then makes sure it ends up in the hands of the person who needs it. By solving the notary challenge, we’re unblocking these important transactions so people can get back to the task at hand.

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