Single Sign-On is Here

Here at Notarize, our team works hard to ensure that trust, security, and ease-of-use are all woven into the very fabric of our product — which is why we’re excited to announce that signers and businesses alike can now use Single-Sign On (SSO) to access their Notarize account.

SSO enables users to authenticate their username and password through an Identity Provider and subsequently access a range of their online accounts, all in one session. This means no more entering passwords over and over again.

This feature is live and available to customers on a custom or monthly pricing plan.*

SSO social clip

What are the benefits of SSO?

SSO helps make your Notarize account easier to access and even safer to use. Here are a few benefits of using SSO to access Notarize: 

  • Set your users up faster on the Notarize platform to improve the onboarding and offboarding experience.
  • Scale your Notarize experience efficiently: SSO can be used not just by one company but also any of its subsidiary companies to access Notarize. 
  • Integrate Notarize seamlessly into your existing workflows: users can access Notarize and other essential business applications in one go.
  • Many businesses (including yours!) may already use SSO to access applications in your company’s ecosystem.

How do I get started with SSO on Notarize?

To take advantage of SSO on Notarize, users must have an Identity Provider that supports SAML 2.0 – the most popular of which include Google IDP, Microsoft Azure, Okta, RSA and Duo. At this moment, Notarize does not support OpenID (sometimes referred to as OAuth). 

If you’re a Notarize customer with a valid Identity Provider and are interested in using SSO to access Notarize, reach out to our team here.

*Note: SSO is not available for trial plans.