Rewired 2020 - Notarize is Pulling The Future Closer

Yesterday, we were thrilled to welcome 2,500+ attendees and 65+ amazing speakers virtually to Rewired 2020, our annual conference. If you missed it live, the conference will be available on-demand. More details coming soon!

At Notarize, our mission is “to pull the future closer” and we have been fighting for years to do just that. While COVID has been and continues to be devastating in so many ways, a silver lining is that it has served as a portal, transporting industries and processes into the future. We’re experiencing five years of innovation in five months. The future has truly been pulled closer.

As new industries have joined the Notarize platform this year, we’ve learned and changed a great deal, and we’ve thought long and hard about our role in digitizing life’s most important transactions for decades to come. I’m excited to share some of these changes that we announced today that will change how thousands of businesses can and will serve their clients online and run their most critical business processes. 

The Launch of Notarize For Business

Notarize is opening its platform for every notary, business, and platform to move transactions online, however it works best for them. This launch means that every company can onboard their own notaries. Not just title companies. No matter what type of business you are or industry you serve, you can onboard your own team to use Notarize’s award-winning platform to serve your own notarizations and real estate closings. 

Launch of v2 of the Notarize Platform with Incredible Partners 

Notarize wants to enable every company to be able to embed our notary and digital closing platform directly within their tools. This also makes life simple for notaries. Online notarization is here to stay  and the business impact is even greater than we anticipated, and industry leaders are adapting by partnering with Notarize. 

Today, we’re proud to announce these incredible partnerships:

  • Our new partners at Adobe are integrating Notarize with the Adobe Document Cloud.
  • We’ve been laser-focused on providing value to the entire real estate ecosystem. Today, we are announcing for the first time a new partnership with the leading transaction management platform for Realtors, Dotloop.  This partnership is a game-changer for Realtors looking to provide a seamless digital experience to their clients. Real estate agents will soon be able to click-to-send and collect notarized documents. From commercial lease agreements to parental guarantor forms and survey affidavits, it’s now only a click for a Realtor on Dotloop to request a notarization. Going even further, real estate agents will soon be able to track the status of Notarize closings directly from within Dotloop. How? Simply by being added as a contact to a Notarize closing.
  • For title agents, we’re thrilled to announce a new partnership today with SoftPro. Directly within SoftPro, agents can now click to order, track, and receive an online closing. They can send transactions to notaries within the Notarize Network. And, they can become RON notaries themselves. Creating a fully integrated experience to rewire how they work and personally perform RON transactions if they’d like. 
  • For lenders, we’re excited to make several partnership announcements. Today, we’re sharing that eOriginal, Docutech, DocMagic, and SimpleNexus have partnered to offer a seamless, integrated experience to the lenders they serve. 

Notarize For Enterprise, Alongside a Partnership with First American 

In Q1 2021, enterprises can control their organization five levels deep, creating departments, regions, branches, and teams, and can assign people to the right part of the org. However an organization is designed, Notarize can match it. 

This includes an Enterprise edition of our Notary Assignment. Offices or lines of business can now leverage a shared notary team and can place notaries at any place within an organization, creating separate teams to serve unique regions or lines of business. Or, certain transactions can be routed to a network of notaries that have been vetted by Notarize and are waiting to service a business’ clients 24x7 via the Notarize Notary Network. 

With the new capabilities of Notarize for Enterprise, we’re proud to announce a new partnership with First American, a leading provider of title insurance and settlement services. 

Notaries can now serve their own transactions and run their own businesses on the Notarize platform. 

A notary can have the power of the best RON technology at their fingertips via the Notarize Platform. They can sign up to only serve their own clients and book of business, while also having the option to opt-in to the Notary Network to have Notarize provide them with leads to serve additional business transactions. 

Notarize for Mobile - Partner Edition gives the entire real estate industry a seat at the digital closing table. 

Simply by being added as a contact to a transaction on the Notarize platform, realtors, title agents, loan officers, and mortgage brokers can now track and join digital closings live while on the go. To gain access, people simply need to download Notarize’s award-winning applications for iOS and Android and register with their work email address. 

2020 was the year RON went mainstream, and we’re thrilled to be able to make so many announcements alongside our customers, partners, and colleagues who have worked tirelessly this year to pull the future closer. If you have thoughts on what Notarize could be doing to better serve your customers or notaries, or if you’d like to talk about working together, I’d love to hear from you anytime. 

-Pat Kinsel, CEO