Pennsylvania Passes RON; Bill Takes Immediate Effect

With so much uncertainty around the trajectory of COVID-19, many resources that we once considered temporary are becoming permanent. We see this clearly with technology, as consumers and businesses alike are embracing remote solutions that help them conduct business that’s no longer safe to do in person.

It’s for this reason that Pennsylvania recently made its temporary remote notarization laws permanent, becoming the 31st state overall to pass online notarization legislation.

Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 2370 on October 29, 2020, resulting in 2020 Act 97. The bill went into immediate effect, affording the 114,000 notaries in Pennsylvania a way to conduct notarizations from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Representative Mark K. Keller was the primary sponsor for the bill. In his initial memorandum to the Pennsylvania House on March 20, 2020, Keller noted that, “This legislation does not, in any way, replace notaries or change the services they provide. Rather, it authorizes a way of doing business when individuals cannot be physically present.”

Pennsylvania is the eighth state to pass online notarization legislation in 2020, following bills in Missouri, Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon, Wisconsin, Alaska, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

While the bill is effective immediately, there may be both immediate and future changes on the horizon. Please contact the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s Office if you have any questions regarding the commission process or the expectations of you as an online notary.

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