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Michigan Passes Online Notarization Bill

We’re excited to announce that Michigan just passed an online notary bill through both chambers of the Michigan Legislature. The bill is headed to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk to be signed into law. Like the laws passed in other states, Michigan HB5811 empowers Michigan notaries to conduct notarizations online for citizens of all 50 states, regardless of where they’re located at the time of the signing (at home or abroad).

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Minnesota and Vermont Become Next States to Pass Online Notarization Bills

It’s official: 2018 is the year of online notarization. Following in the footsteps of five progressive states, two new states have chosen to bring the notarial practice into the modern era.

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Notarize Raises $20 Million Series B: How We’re Transforming a Massive Yet Untouched Market

(Today we announced our Series B - a $20M round led by Polaris Partners, Realogy, Lennar, and others. You can read the full announcement here.)

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Welcoming Title Agents to the New Age of Online Closings

When we launched Notarize for Mortgage in August, we said it was only the beginning of our efforts to transform the home buying and mortgage closing experience. Today, we’re announcing the next iteration of the Notarize Mortgage Platform with a suite of new services that enable title agents to connect and collaborate with lenders, buyers and sellers around online closings.

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Online Closings Now Available in 5 Additional States

Not too long ago, the Huetts, a couple located in Illinois, decided it was time to find that perfect vacation home they longed for. A place with white sandy beaches. The sound of the ocean at their doorstep. A sun-filled winter escape. Luckily for them, Barbara Farrell, a long-time Florida resident located thousands of miles away, had just the place.

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Online Notarization Bill Passes in Tennessee

There are many reasons to love Tennessee: the incredible country-music scene, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the delicious southern cooking. And of course, Dollywood.

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10 Attendees You’ll Want to Meet at MBA Tech

Mortgage industry influencers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs: MBA Tech attracts them all. We love conferences because it’s a unique opportunity to meet those that are shaping the future of the mortgage industry. With a conference that attracts hundreds of people, it can feel overwhelming when it comes to targeting people you'd like to meet.

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Notary 101: What Does a Notary Public Do?

You may have needed a notarization at some point in time and had to meet with a notary public, whether in-person or digitally. But who are the people who are stamping your docs and what do they do?

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10 Sessions We're Excited to Attend at MBA Tech

The mortgage technology world is moving at breakneck speeds and for good reason. Consumers are demanding a better and faster experience when it comes to buying or selling their home. So when an event comes along that will teach you all about the new mortgage tech that will help you deliver on a better customer experience, we’re there. That’s why we’re packing up and heading to MBA’s Technology Solutions Conference and Expo in Detroit, MI.

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Close Home Equity Loans, Online – Announcing Notarize for HELOC Transactions

10 million.

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