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What is a HELOC and is It Right For You?

You’ve secured the home of your dreams and built up equity. And now it may be time to borrow against that equity in a way that makes life better: maybe it’s to make that home improvement you’ve been putting off, to finally buy that new car, or to send your kid to college.

Next to the purchase of the home itself, deciding to take out a HELOC, or a home equity line of credit, is undoubtedly a big decision you’ll make in the lifespan of owning your home. We’ve done the hard work for you to define what a HELOC is so you can determine if it's right for you.

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Notarize and Title Resource Group Partner to Support Fully-Digital Closings


A quick, efficient mortgage process was long considered a dream to prospective homebuyers, but technology is disrupting the mortgage industry.

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4 Things You’ll Learn by Attending Digital Mortgage Trailblazers

Digital isn’t on the horizon for real estate and mortgage: it’s already here. And it’s no surprise: consumers are demanding the same click-to-buy experience with both everyday purchases and big ticket items alike, such as the purchase of a new home. For most people, the purchase of a house is one of the most important transactions in their lives however, the experience is but anything easy, convenient, and hassle-free, albeit technologically-advanced.

It’s up to the industry to change all that.

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7 Interesting Facts About Digital's Impact on the Mortgage Industry

The road to homeownership is a long one. Consumers spend months comparing options, scheduling in-person meetings, and printing and signing documents. Precious lunch breaks are spent calling lenders for updates or driving to offices to sign documents. It's an overwhelming process, and a costly one for lenders and borrowers alike.

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3 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss Digital Mortgage Trailblazers

Notarization is experiencing a renaissance: online notarization has forever changed how the real estate and mortgage industries do business. Title agents, mortgage and real estate brokers, and lenders are no longer bogged down by paper. And instead are able to focus on delivering the best customer experience possible, all thanks to online notarization.

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The First Online Mortgage Closing in Texas Has Arrived

Just yesterday, Erich Gellert sat at his dining room table eagerly hovering over his laptop. Slightly past midnight, while most of his neighbors were fast asleep, Erich was about to make history. With a few simple clicks of his mouse, he purchased a new home over the internet - becoming the first home owner to complete a 100% paperless mortgage closing in the state of Texas.

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Notarizing a Power of Attorney: Why, How, and Where to Get One

Have you been tasked with notarizing a power of attorney (POA)? A POA isn't just any document: it's a powerful one to get notarized as it grants a person or organization the ability to act on your behalf in the event you’re not able to do so.

Here are the basics everyone should know when notarizing a power of attorney.

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How Will Digital Closings Impact You? 4 Things Texas Title Agents Should Know

Digital closings are here to stay. And with more states enabling online notarizations, we predict digital closings will soon follow suit as the standard way to buy or sell a home in 2018 and beyond.

Here’s what Texas title agents need to know about digital closings and how to stay ahead of big changes coming to the Lone Star state this summer.

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4 Handy HELOC Payment Calculators for Home Owners

Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) are making a comeback with homeowners.

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Introducing Digital Mortgage Trailblazers: A Real Estate Event Series Coming to Texas This July

Just a few short years ago, we at Notarize set out on a mission to make legal notarization more convenient, secure, and verifiable.

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