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Culture is Simple. Building It is Hard. Advice to Growing Companies.

When I was a senior in college, I interviewed at many tech startups while looking for a job. I knew what I was looking for in a company, but I didn’t quite know how to put it into words. I’m not even sure I thought too hard about how to, because I had a word in front of me that seemed perfect. It was the buzzword that has become the matcha latte equivalent of working at a startup: culture.

Every interviewer gave me slightly different answers about what their “culture” was like.

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This Week at Notarize Episode #11: Creating Industry-Leading Training with Notarize Academy

Any successful company who has really changed the way people do business, has created a community around it; a movement. Earlier this year when we published the Complete Guide to Remote Online Notarization, we never imagined it would be downloaded and read 3,000 times. Then, a lightbulb went off. Our customers, and those really interested in using this technology to improve the experience for their customers, wanted more resources -- anything they could get their hands on.

That's why we announced Notarize Academy as an on-demand video training series for title companies. Since then, we rolled out Notarize Academy for mortgage companies as well. That's why I'm excited to share this week's interview with Lauren Hintz, the mastermind behind Academy. 

Welcome back to the show!

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This Week at Notarize Episode #10: Under the Hood of Notarize as a Business

Yesterday we announced that Brian Mirek joined Notarize as its VP of Sales, so it only makes sense that we bring on the big guns for this week's episode of This Week at Notarize. They said we shouldn't bring someone from finance on the show, but Myles Lane, our VP of Finance, is our latest guest to give you an inside look under the hood of Notarize as a business. 

We're onto Q4 but we have a lot more news to share soon 🤫

Welcome back to the show!

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Notarize Welcomes LogMeIn's Brian Mirek as Vice President of Sales

When we first launched Notarize, we had an incredible amount of inbound interest. From the biggest banks and lenders in the country, to any industry that depends on thousands of notarized documents each year, it seemed that we were discovering a new use case each day. While we couldn't meet those inbound requests at the time, we knew that once we could scale while getting the customer experience right, we would be an entirely different company. Fast forward a few years later, and not only do we have the biggest lenders in the country as customers, including Guaranteed Rate, but thousands of businesses across nearly every industry now run on Notarize.

Now, we're focused on scale. To help us build our go-to-market strategy and accelerate our sales engine, I'm excited to share that Brian Mirek is joining Notarize as our Vice President of Sales.

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This Week at Notarize Episode #9: Why You Should Care About MISMO's Standards on Remote Online Notarization

Last week was a special episode of "This Week at Notarize" where we talked about our partnership with Guaranteed Rate: one of the largest lenders in the country. If you missed the news, you can read coverage on TechCrunch, The Title Report, Inman, HousingWire or the National Mortgage Professional Magazine.

Yeah, it was a big day.

While it's tough to match last week's announcement, this week we're back with a new episode of the show. Recently, the Mortgage Industry Standard Maintenance Organization (MISMO) published a new set of industry standards around remote online notarization. This is important for a few reasons, but the biggest, is there is now standards and guidance for the entire real estate finance industry around using remote online notarization for executing digital mortgages. Or, in simpler terms: best practices for helping people close on their homes online.

Welcome back to the show!

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Guaranteed Rate Partners with Notarize to Power FlashClose™ – The Next Generation of Home Buying

Since the early days of Notarize, we’ve been on a mission to build a company that powers every industry of our economy. From insurance to wealth management, we've worked with thousands of companies to rewire how technology can impact life's most important moments.

Today, we're excited to share our partnership with Guaranteed Rate – one of the largest lenders in the country – as we work together to change the ways people buy and sell homes.

We believe that together, we’ll be building the future of the real estate industry.

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How the Top Mortgage Lenders Put Customer Experience First

The customer experience means everything in the mortgage industry. In an increasingly competitive origination market, small gestures can make a sizeable difference. When everyone makes the customer journey their top priority, it’s these subtle differentiators that help separate your organization from the pack.

So what are those difference-makers? Here's how the best mortgage lenders put customer experience first.

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This Week at Notarize Episode #7: Balancing Work Life as a New Parent

Employees are people first, and their jobs second. That's why I was excited to talk about parental leave with Chrissy Fancy and Hilary Walker. Chrissy, an engineer on our CORE team, is due in November, and Hilary, our lead product designer and product manager for our title line of business, just came back to work after having her first child. 

In the newest episode of "This Week at Notarize" – our weekly series about everything happening inside Notarize – we talk about balancing being a parent and working. 

Welcome back to the show!

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Free eBook: The Title Agent's Guide to Remote Online Notarization

This post is an excerpt from The Title Agent's Guide to Remote Online Notarization. Access the complete guide here.

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This Week at Notarize Episode #6: Why We Decided to put on a Real Estate Conference

Have you ever been to an event you loved? That really made the price tag worth it? Every company thinks about events, whether they're putting one on themselves or building a schedule of conferences to send their employees to. That's why I was excited to interview Courtney Margossian, who runs events here at Notarize.

In the newest episode of "This Week at Notarize" – our weekly series about everything happening inside Notarize – we talk about our conference, Rewired, and why we decided to put on a one-day event on the future of real estate.

Welcome back to the show!

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