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Earth Day 2021: Reimagining Business Strategy to Restore Our Earth

EARTHDAY.ORG announced earlier this week that the theme for Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth,” which will focus on the role of emerging green technologies and innovative thinking in restoring our ecosystem.

After an eventful 2020, it’s only appropriate that this year’s Earth Day theme prompts a moment of reflection for individuals and businesses alike. 

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Notarize Promotes Wendy Ivanoski to Chief Operating Officer

Overhauling and digitizing industries isn't easy, but it’s essential, and our teams at Notarize work tirelessly to design technology and workflows that position our customers to lead tomorrow’s economy. We hold ourselves to lofty standards and even loftier aspirations. 

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This Week at Notarize: New Opportunities for Notaries on the Platform

Season #2 Episode #9: Featuring Ashley Spiess

This week at Notarize, we’re joined by Ashley Spiess, Notarize’s Senior Director of Operations and Strategy.

At our Rewired for Real Estate conference, we announced our new notary program that will launch in May. Notaries will have the opportunity to use Notarize’s digital tools to manage their business and serve their own transactions through our platform. Ashley gives her insight into what this means for us as a company, and what it means for the notary community at large.

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Notarize Will Allow Notaries to Bring Their Own Transactions onto The Platform

Notarize has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year, but at the heart and soul of it all, we’re still the same company. That means we’re still hard at work building the very best online notarization platform – one that supports the needs of industries, while creating opportunities for notaries everywhere.

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This Week At Notarize: Rewired Edition

Season #2 Episode #8: Featuring Courtney Margossian

This week at Notarize, we’re joined by Courtney Margossian, our very own Director of Marketing.

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My Notarize Internship Experience: Jasmine Rose, Software Engineer

If you asked me a year ago what makes a good programmer, I would have said someone who went to MIT and can write out Dijkstra’s algorithm from scratch. (Note that at the time of writing this article, I had to look up how to pronounce this algorithm). 

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This Week at Notarize: Diving Deeper into Our Series D Story

Season #2 Episode #7: Featuring Greg Thome and Neil Underwood

This week at Notarize, we’re joined by Greg Thome, Co-Founder & Partner of Canapi Ventures, and Neil Underwood, Vice President of Canapi Partners. Notarize reached an important milestone - our Series D funding, which will fuel growth and help Notarize fully digitize life’s most important transactions. Fintech-focused VC firm Canapi Ventures led the round and is joined by Alphabet’s independent growth fund CapitalG, Citi Ventures, Wells Fargo, True Bridge Capital Partners and existing investors. We’re honored to welcome Canapi Ventures Partner Neil Underwood to Notarize’s Board of Directors. 

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Notarize Raises $130M Series D to Enable Trust in the Digital Age

Today Notarize is announcing an important milestone - our Series D funding, which will fuel growth and help Notarize fully digitize life’s most important transactions. Fintech-focused VC firmCanapi Venturesled the round and is joined by Alphabet’s independent growth fundCapitalG,Citi Ventures,Wells Fargo,True Bridge Capital Partnersand existing investors. We’re honored to welcomeCanapi Ventures Partner Neil Underwoodto Notarize’s Board of Directors. 

There are decades when nothing happens and then there are years when decades happen. We are in the midst of such a moment right now. Years worth of change and innovation has been compressed into mere months - and Notarize is on the forefront of that rapid change. In 2020, the world rushed to digitize. Transactions that used to happen in person now needed to happen online. Online commerce ballooned, and industries from real estate to automotive, from financial services to family law, needed to transition how deals get done. Yet these deals cannot be completed without trust and, importantly, identity verification.

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This Week at Notarize: The State of Public Affairs with Nicole Booth

Season #2 Episode #6: Featuring Nicole Booth

This week at Notarize, we’re joined by our Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Nicole Booth. Nicole joined Notarize in August 2020, and has been at the forefront of the RON movement by building coalitions and advocating for RON legislation nationwide.

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Reflections from Our First Year As a Remote-First Company

These are exciting times at Notarize. After a very successful 2020, the first quarter of 2021 has been defined by our teams hiring like mad – Sales, Engineering, Finance, you name it. Our recruiting team is logging about 75 phone screens per week, and there’s one question we’re always asked: “How has the transition to fully-remote been for Notarize?”

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