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Online Closings Now Available in 5 Additional States

Not too long ago, the Huetts, a couple located in Illinois, decided it was time to find that perfect vacation home they longed for. A place with white sandy beaches. The sound of the ocean at their doorstep. A sun-filled winter escape. Luckily for them, Barbara Farrell, a long-time Florida resident located thousands of miles away, had just the place.

In March of this year, Barbara listed and sold her St. Petersburg condo to the lucky Illinois couple as their dream became reality. But unlike most real estate closings, there were zero paper documents to sign, FedEx packages to ship, or the inconvenience of needing an in-person notary.

Barbara sold her condo completely online with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Fully online closings are not the future, they have arrived. A completely electronic real estate purchase is a growing trend as consumers demand an end-to-end digital experience. At Notarize, we’re exciting to be at the forefront of this movement, empowering lenders, title agents, realtors, brokers and their customers with the tools to make eClosings a reality.

Last year, we launched Notarize for Mortgage and Notarize for Title Agents, giving anyone the ability to complete real estate transactions from the convenience of their own home, 24x7. Since the launch of our mortgage platform, we’ve worked with some of the largest lenders and title agents in the country to offer online closings in several states.

That includes our partnership with Westcor Land Title Insurance Company. In January, Westcor selected Notarize as the Preferred Online Closing and Signing Platform, giving millions of Americans across 16 states access to online closing. But we haven't stopped there.

Starting today, more than 27,000,000 additional Americans can experience the benefits of closing loans online with Westcor’s underwriting support in five additional states: Arizona, the District of Columbia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

Notarize_Online Mortgage Closing Map Update

With this expansion, online real estate transactions are now insured in 20 states plus the District of Columbia with Westcor (22 states total on the Notarize platform). The partnership gives even more independent title agents a secure, scalable, and efficient platform to serve lenders’ online closings, as well as initiate their own online notarizations and signings.

“We are excited to expand our support of remote online notarization in these additional states. Our agents’ experience with Notarize has been very positive since our launch and we look forward to continuing to provide our agents around the country with these best-in-class tools.” -Mary O’Donnell- CEO and President Westcor Land Title Insurance Company.

Westcor is a leader in supporting title agents across the country and together, we will continue to empower thousands of agents to offer a better signing and notarization experience for everyone. Notarize is the only company that allows a borrower to click to close when and wherever they like – no scheduling required that disrupts your life and no driving to the closing.

Notarize for Mortgage is now available in the five additional states and for all transactions types, including purchase, refinance, HELOCs, and all cash transactions. By using Notarize’s Smart Routing service, lenders and title agents can find partners and execute transactions everywhere possible.

At Notarize, it’s our mission to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives, including one of life’s most important decisions – the purchase of a new home or mortgage. As we look to enable more people to buy and sell their homes anytime, anywhere, we’ll continue to partner with leading companies such as Westcor to bring online closings to everyone.

- Adam

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