Notarize Welcomes Cristin Culver as Head of Communications

The world is suddenly clamoring for remote online notarization. People need a safe way to complete life's most important transactions online, and companies are finally ripping off the band-aid and digitizing how they plan to solve problems today – and in the future. We’ve seen it firsthand at Notarize, as we’ve grown more than 500% since April 1st

With unprecedented demand comes an equal thirst for information. Leaders across numerous industries want to know how and when they can leverage online notarization to enter the digital age. And amongst our customers, we’re seeing the value of innovation as they digitize business processes for the first time. 

The future state of America’s largest industries is being drawn up today, and change will only accelerate from here. 

With this progress in mind, we’re excited to share that Cristin Culver has joined Notarize as our Head of Communications. With Cristin’s leadership, we’re expanding our efforts to help people understand what’s possible when you digitize the notarial act. 

Cristin comes from Opendoor, Trulia, and Pandora, and has the experience not only to lead Notarize’s efforts, but to help the industries we serve navigate unprecedented change.  

Cristin led local communications at Opendoor, launching nearly 20 new markets as the company – and burgeoning iBuying category – expanded across the US, educating these new markets about how iBuying and digital transformation could disrupt decades-long status quos. She drove Opendoor’s growth and helped to inform and transform industry standards and customer behavior. 

We’re excited to work with Cristin as we continue to break barriers to move industries online. 

“I’m thrilled to join the incredible Notarize team at this very pivotal time for both the company, the category, and our partners and customers, who need documents digitally notarized in order to keep their lives moving forward – whether it’s buying that new house, buying or selling a car, incorporating their new company, and so much more,” said Culver.

“Notarize pioneered this technology, leads the category, and has done the hard work to make remote online notarization a possibility across much of the US. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that digitizing transactions that have traditionally been full of friction, incredibly manual, and inconveniently in-person is not just a nice-to-have anymore – it’s a necessity. I’m excited to be the steward of that story as we move into a world that’s forever different.”

“I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Cristin to Notarize,” said Notarize founder and CEO Pat Kinsel. “We’re in the middle of a transformative era that requires new products, updated regulations, and unique business models - and we’re proud to do whatever it takes to pull industries into the digital age. 

“We have a responsibility to help our partners and the industries we serve understand what’s changing and why it matters. Cristin is clearly and uniquely qualified to lead these efforts, and I’m thrilled to have her on Team Notarize.” 

Cristin joins Notarize on the heels of Nicole Booth, Wendy Ivanoski, Kate Brigham, and Denise Forestier: all senior leaders from companies including Amazon, Wayfair, State Street, Quicken Loans, and ezCater.

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