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Notarize Partners With ResWare: Accelerating the Mortgage Closing Process for Title Agents

In the average mortgage closing over 280 pages are presented to the borrower for their review and execution. Roughly half of those documents come from the lender. The remainder are generated by the title agent involved in the transaction. No matter how much we do to integrate with lenders, it’s impossible to accelerate and digitize the mortgage closing process without the assistance of title agents. Today, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with ResWare to do just that…

ResWare is the country’s largest independent title production software system and is used by many of the industry’s leading companies. ResWare ensures that transactions are accurate and efficient and that employees are executing the same way every time, reducing missing information, lost productivity, and costly errors. Adeptive, via its product ResWare, is the fastest growing company in the title and escrow software market, thanks to continued strong adoption of ResWare by agents and underwriters across the country.

Today, Notarize for Mortgage requires the title agent to sign into our portal to upload and review documents in advance of the closing. By partnering with ResWare, we will integrate into the agent’s existing tools. Title agents can simply click to deliver the documents to Notarize and offer their borrowers a fully online closing. The integration will coordinate the process of gathering documents, allow for the clear to close to happen faster and automate post-closing quality control activities.

What does this mean for lenders? Faster turn times and dramatically reduced costs. When you’re ready to close with Notarize, you can know your title partners using ResWare can meet the speed and efficiency you demand. This will also mean dramatically fewer closing errors. Notarize can ingest documents with all of their signature, initial and other data to ensure proper execution. No more lost files or missing signatures.

What does this mean for title agents? If you’re on ResWare, you don’t have to learn new tools to bring your own operations into the era of online closings. You can click to offer online closings to your borrowers and seamlessly collaborate with lenders on their closings, gaining all of the advantages for your own operations without any additional software or complexity.

“At Adeptive, we’ve been at the forefront of helping the title industry take advantage of technology for nearly 15 years. We’ve had countless conversations with our customers and the industry at large about eMortgage and the prospect a truly digital mortgage closing process, but have been ever-waiting for this future to arrive. The Notarize for Mortgage platform will help transform the industry while offering borrowers a fundamentally better experience. We’re excited to integrate with Notarize so our customers can be at the forefront of this transformation,” said Bryan Buus, President and CTO of Adeptive.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. We’re thrilled to roll up our sleeves with Bryan and the rest of the team at ResWare to bring online closings to their title agents.

- Pat

You have notarization questions, we have notarization answers. While we at Notarize pride ourselves on providing helpful resources (like this blog!) to demystify notarization, we’re not lawyers and don’t give legal advice. Pro tip: always check with your own attorneys, advisors, or document recipients if you have further questions about notarization or digitally notarized docs.

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