Notarize Partners with Ellie Mae to Empower Every Borrower to Close Online

Our mission is to help people get into their dream home faster and for less cost. Digitizing the closing is the last thing keeping lenders from meeting consumers’ expectations. We partnered with Guaranteed Rate to reimagine the borrower experience for millions, and today, we're taking the next step to help lenders realize the vision of the complete digital mortgage process. 

Today we're announcing that we're partnering with Ellie Mae on an integration with Encompass, empowering lenders to access Notarize’s digital closing platform so every borrower can close online, from hybrid to full remote online closings.

“We are thrilled to partner with Notarize to provide added value to Ellie Mae customers,” said Parvesh Sahi, senior vice president, business development, Ellie Mae. “Through this integration, our customers will be able to automate key workflow to determine online closing eligibility. This ultimately saves time and reduces friction in the loan origination process, a benefit as lenders look to close loans faster and provide a more seamless experience.”

Earlier this year we announced the world’s first Intelligent Closing Automation Platform, providing lenders everything they need to offer every borrower the appropriate digital closing nationwide, from hybrid to full remote online closings where supported. The platform manages more than 14.5 million rules so lenders may fully automate their operations or manually determine every loan’s eligibility for an online closing. To date, Notarize has helped people buy and sell more than $8 billion in real estate—entirely online.

We couldn't be more excited to partner with Ellie Mae on a seamless integration that allows lenders to leverage Notarize’s platform directly through Encompass to drive quality and efficiency in the loan origination process. This partnership is an enormous step toward our vision to enable anyone in America to click to close on their home. 

Lenders can request access here. 

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