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Notarize, Eagle Complete First Remote Online Closing Using a Texas Notary

Notarize is a company that prides itself on being first. We were the first company to build a platform that could legally execute remote online notarizations. Last summer, we were the first to execute a mortgage closing entirely online through the Notarize for Mortgage platform. We constantly strive to be first to market with solutions that reinvent industries by rethinking the way people do business.

And some firsts we’re lucky enough to do twice.

On August 23, Angelina Perla Saldana and Jose Saldana of Kyle, Texas, used the Notarize for Mortgage platform to complete the first fully-online closing with a Texas notary for a Texas property. The purchase was a new home construction sold through Lennar Homes of Texas. Eagle Home Mortgage served as the lender, and the transaction was underwritten by North American Title. Julie Galarraga of Keller Williams Austin was the Saldanas’ realtor.

The closing comes less than three months after the Lennar Corporation made a strategic investment in Notarize and agreed to promote a fully-digital mortgage closing experience across their family of companies. North American Title is also part of Lennar’s portfolio.

If this feels like déjà vu, let us explain.

You may recall that in July, we completed the first remote online closing in Texas. The closing was administered by a notary from our Virginia office, who walked through the paperwork with the borrower while he closed from the comfort of his dining room table.

That was less than two months ago, but things were a bit different back then.

On August 19, Texas implemented Chapter 87 of Title 1, Part 4 of the Texas Administrative Code, which addressed administrative rules for Texas notaries public, including online notaries. The biggest change was that in order to conduct business within Texas, online notary publics must be Texas residents.

We’ve long been committed to growing with Texas, and the Saldana closing was the culmination of a whirlwind journey for our team. Within the span of three months, we scouted, leased, furnished, and opened an office in Dallas that met the strict digital infrastructure standards set out by Texas legislators. We were determined to be ready when the new state regulations went into effect.

But we still needed notaries. While juggling the office opening, our Operations team screened 125 applicants, conducted 70 hours of interviews, and taught four weeks of training over the course of 60 days. Their hard work identified one Operations Lead and 11 notaries ready to serve the people of Texas.

On July 1, when the State of Texas began accepting applications for online notarization commissions, our notaries applied at the stroke of midnight. Many of our notaries were approved within hours, making us one of the first companies with commissioned eNotaries in Texas.

And they’ll have plenty of work to do. The Saldanas are the latest in a line of homeowners who elected for a fully-digital mortgage experience. More and more people want the ease and convenience of a digital mortgage experience, and the numbers prove it.

The 2017 J.D. Power Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study found that 43% of mortgage customers applied online in 2017, up from 28% in 2016. We’ve seen the shift firsthand, as hundreds of Americans have purchased a home, refinanced, or taken out a home equity loan using the Notarize platform over the past year.

The Saldanas are not outliers. They are the future of homeownership, and no company is more committed than Notarize to providing families like the Saldanas a cheaper, quicker, more convenient way to close.

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