Notarize Will Allow Notaries to Bring Their Own Transactions onto The Platform

Notarize has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year, but at the heart and soul of it all, we’re still the same company. That means we’re still hard at work building the very best online notarization platform – one that supports the needs of industries, while creating opportunities for notaries everywhere.

Just over a year ago, we opened the Notarize platform and launched the Notary Network. This allowed independent notaries to join our platform and boost their earnings at a time when in-person notarizations posed a serious health risk. But opening the platform was just the beginning. There are millions of entrepreneurial notary business owners across the country who want a partner that will help them move their business online and grow their brand to new heights. 

We’ve talked about our plans to allow notaries to serve their client base through the Notarize platform, and today Notarize is proudly introducing a pilot program that enables notaries to bring their own business onto the Notarize Platform and convert their business and relationships to a digital platform that will set them up for success in tomorrow’s economy. In 2020, we saw the need for digital tools that allow business and life to keep moving forward safely and securely, and we know that’s what notaries need now, and into the future. 

Starting in early May, notaries in Tennessee and Washington can sign up on the Notarize platform to run their business independently.

Notarize is piloting the program with a two-state launch before quickly rolling out to additional states over the summer. By the end of 2021, this platform function will be available to notaries in all 32 RON-approved states.

The 4.4 million notaries in the US are some of the most entrepreneurial, driven and diligent professionals in the US, and in-line with that, notaries are constantly looking for ways to expand their business, self-market, grow their income and build/strengthen preferred partnerships. The online market is swiftly gaining traction in facilitating that, and we’re thrilled to bring America’s notaries onto Notarize and give them access to their own dedicated business account where they will be able to manage and execute their RON transactions in compliance with their state laws.

This is the latest expansion in Notarize’s efforts to build a world-class online notarization platform that features a suite of tools to support Notaries in the digital age. We hope you’ll join us. 

Are you a notary interested in bringing your transactions onto Notarize’s platform?

First off, congratulations, you are a trailblazer. Pioneering a new practice that will only be a catalyst for unprecedented growth in your business. 

Once you create your account on Notarize, you’ll be supported from the start through the Notarize Academy training program so you can feel confident navigating the platform from your first RON transaction and onward. Outside of the transaction itself, Notarize will support you as a notary by giving access to ongoing resources to support the use of the Notarize platform and efforts to expand RON into your business model.  

Interested in building your digital business with Notarize?

We will be launching in May to the states of Tennessee & Washington. BUT as we mentioned, our expansion plans will swiftly follow so we encourage all Notaries to take action. 

If you are a notary located in Tennessee or Washington;

  • Understand and collect the required documentation by your state and the Notarize Platform to join. Check out our Compliance Hub where we’ve done all the research for you. Having this information ready enables you to quickly get started (within 72 hours) once this is available!

  • Head to our Notary Webpage and sign up at the bottom of the page for our waitlist. When you register you’ll receive exclusive next steps & updates over the next few weeks. Plus receive your exclusive invitation to join when this launches in early May. 

  • Start sharing your plans to add RON to your business offering with your customers and business partners. Questions on how to position yourself & the benefits? Check out our Building & Developing Your Remote Notary Business session from our Rewired Conference and look for more content to come

If you are a notary located in any other state: 

  • Join our waitlist at the bottom of the page, raise your hand virtually in interest & stay up to date on all available options and the progress of delivering that to your state. 

  • Check out our Notary Webpage for options we may have available to get yourself started with RON today. Understand and collect the required documentation by your state and the Notarize Platform to join. Check out our Compliance Hub where we’ve done all the research for you. Having this information ready enables you to quickly get started (within 72 hours) once this is available in your state! *If we have yet to cover your state, check your state SOS page for direction and resources. 

  • Be an ambassador of RON, follow your state legislative efforts & drive community interest. 

The time to trail blaze into the digital age of RON is now, and we’re excited to support Notaries everywhere in that effort!