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Nevada Passes Remote Notarization Bill

Update: on June 9th Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed AB 413 into law, officially bringing remote online notarization to Nevada.


Just one week after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed remote notarization into law in Texas, Nevada passed a remote notarization bill today to authorize its notaries to conduct notarizations online. The bill passed the House 41-1 and the Senate 21-0. It’s now headed to the Governor to be signed into law.

Like Virginia and now Texas, the Nevada legislation also gives its notaries the authority to notarize signatures on documents for citizens of all 50 states, regardless of where they’re located at the time of the signing (at home or abroad). This allows Nevada notaries to embrace how consumers and businesses expect to operate in today’s digital economy - and to meet people whenever and wherever they may be.

As we have in other states, Notarize worked closely in Nevada with a coalition of partners to get this done.

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Nevada’s new legislation is unique in one important way. Like Florida earlier this year, Nevada has now also authorized its citizens to execute wills and other estate planning documents electronically. These documents often must be notarized and have traditionally been required to be signed using paper and wet ink in person. We worked closely on this legislation with companies like Willing and LegalZoom and we are extremely excited to offer Nevada citizens a more convenient and secure form of notarization as they execute these important documents online.

We are committed to working with any state interested in allowing its notaries to serve customers online. Today, we route all signers to Virginia notaries public to get their documents signed and notarized online. But, as these new states authorize remote notarization, we will route their signers to in-state notaries first, giving them the optimal customer experience using trained local notaries who understand the local customs, documents and culture in their state.

The next step is the bill being sent to Governor Brian Sandoval to sign.

The past two weeks represent tremendous progress for online notarization.

We’re excited to welcome both Texas and Nevada notaries to the platform and will be opening offices in both states once these bills take effect. If you’re a notary interested in bringing online notarization to your state email us at

- Pat

The Complete Guide to Remote Online Notarization

You have notarization questions, we have notarization answers. While we at Notarize pride ourselves on providing helpful resources (like this blog!) to demystify notarization, we’re not lawyers and don’t give legal advice. Pro tip: always check with your own attorneys, advisors, or document recipients if you have further questions about notarization or digitally notarized docs.

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