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More than 1,000 Title Agents are now in the Notarize Network

We introduced Notarize for Title Agents in the spring of 2018 to enable title agents across the country to serve buyers and sellers online.

Just nine months after launching the platform, we’re proud to announce that more than 1,000 title agents are now part of the Notarize Network, ushering in a movement of fully digital closings across the country.

When we did the first fully digital closing in the summer of 2017, we never could have imagined how quickly the market would adopt a vision that had been a dream for 20 years. We’re lucky to have forward-thinking partners closing thousands of mortgages online, and we’re proud title agents are using our platform to produce the first fully digital closings in many states, most recently in Minnesota.

Here's what some of our partners are saying:

“The real estate industry is evolving, and buyers and sellers of real estate are looking for convenience and speed when it comes to closing their transactions. Partnering with Notarize to offer fully digital closings is how one of the many ways that Carlisle Title is delivering on the the future of real estate” -- Tara Williams, Carlisle Title

“Understanding the value technology can bring to all participants of a real estate transaction, our organization has prioritized investing in technologies like Notarize that streamline complex processes and deliver newfound convenience. By reducing paper, time and human error, and allowing customers to close anytime, anywhere, on their terms, we are empowering our agents to deliver an exceptional customer experience.” -- Scott McCall, Title Resources

"In northern states, title companies can now be productive in the winter, and even better, homeowners and buyers can close where and when they want to." -- Kevin Leurig, Redfin

And for the first time, home buyers know that innovative technology is being created for them. That’s helped homebuyers close from the Grand Canyon on an iPad and California residents buy property in Minnesota when the windchill is 55-below zero.

These are the result of building experiences that truly connect an ecosystem. We can’t wait to share even more moments like these with you, and with the rest of the world.

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