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Minnesota and Vermont Become Next States to Pass Online Notarization Bills

It’s official: 2018 is the year of remote online notarization. Following in the footsteps of five progressive states, two new states have chosen to bring the notarial practice into the modern era.

We’re excited to announce that both the Minnesota and Vermont State Legislatures have passed remote notarization bills, empowering their notaries to conduct notarizations online for citizens of all 50 states, regardless of where they’re located at the time of signing (at home or abroad). Both Minnesota Bill SF 893 and Vermont Bill H.526 have been signed into law by Governors Mark Dayton and Phil Scott, respectively.

Minnesota and Vermont join a growing number of states to pass online notarization bills, including Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, Nevada and Virginia. With the passing of these bills, these states bring the antiquated process of finding a notary into the digital era. With Notarize, any American can legally notarize documents, online. And now, Minnesota and Vermont notaries can join the movement.

In Minnesota, SF 893 passed overwhelmingly in the Senate 63-0. Senator Jerry Relph authored and led the charge along with months of effort Michele Timmons of the Uniform Law Commission and a large group of stakeholders.

“With the passage of SF893, Minnesota notaries will gain the ability to serve their clients and legally notarize documents online for the first time ever. Remote notarization is safe, secure and convenient for everyone. The passage of this bill is testament that we’re continuing to modernize how the MN government serves its constituents by providing easy access to business and government services. Minnesota is proud to be a leader in the electronic age of document authentication.” - Rep. Dennis Smith, MN.

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This moment maps a long journey for us in both the states of Minnesota and Vermont. In June of 2016, we traveled to Saint Paul, MN to meet with Secretary of State Steve Simon and also to Vermont to meet with Secretary of State Jim Condos. Both were members of NASS’s newly formed Remote Notary Taskforce. Our visits prior to the group’s first official meeting later that summer helped lay the groundwork for the eventual adoption by NASS of online notary standards, providing clear policy and regulatory guidance for the effective operation and regulation of online notarizations. Building on those conversations in MN, VT and at NASS, we set out to become the most compliant, secure and #1 rated notary solution in the market today.

Once the bills go into effect in 2019 (and once rules are in effect in Vermont), notaries in Vermont and Minnesota will be able to use the Notarize platform to serve customers from all 50 states, regardless of where the signer is located at the time of the signing. This will finally give notaries a way to meet the expectations of consumers and businesses who rely on notarizations in the digital economy – from any device and any location, at any time.

At Notarize, we’ve been leading the effort to modernize state laws and the notarial process. We appreciate the leadership we've seen from Vermont and Minnesota in creating a more efficient and secure experience for consumers and thank the legislators, agencies, and other stakeholders who believe in providing citizens, businesses and government agencies with secure and innovative solutions.

We're excited to open our platform to notaries from Vermont and Minnesota next year, and look forward to seeing more states adopt remote online notarization.


Fun fact about Vermont: it was in Plymouth Notch where the only swearing-in of a US President (Calvin Coolidge) by a notary public occurred. The notary performing the service was none other than President Coolidge’s father, Colonel John Coolidge. From 1923 all the way to modern day, the role of the notary plays an important part in our society.

The Complete Guide to Remote Online Notarization

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You have notarization questions, we have notarization answers. While we at Notarize pride ourselves on providing helpful resources (like this blog!) to demystify notarization, we’re not lawyers and don’t give legal advice. Pro tip: always check with your own attorneys, advisors, or document recipients if you have further questions about notarization or digitally notarized docs.

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