Maryland Passes Remote Online Notarization Bill

Eight states have passed remote online notarization bills in 2019, equaling the total amount passed in the last three years combined. There’s no question where at an unprecedented moment in history, where the adoption of policy related to RON is one of the fastest we’ve ever seen in technology.

Today, we’re excited to share that Maryland is the latest state to receive support for its remote online notarization bill, Senate Bill 678, which now heads to Governor Larry Hogan desk for his signature. 

If signed into law, the bill will bring the benefits of RON to an additional 80,000 notaries beginning October 1, 2020.

Maryland has a special place in our hearts. The photo above was taken in 2016, when we first appeared to testify about remote online notarization and its impact. Three years later, it's incredible to see the movement we've helped create.

Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah have passed bills in the first half of 2019 – bringing the benefits of RON to hundreds of thousands of new notaries. Montana also revised the state’s 2015 RON laws to align with the national model.

Today, we also announcing that Renee Alberty has joined the Notarize legal team, and will be instrumental in continuing to advance the adoption of remote online notarization.