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Introducing the Notarize Partner API

We’re thrilled to announce Notarize for Developers — an API to automate the collection of notarized documents.

Our first request for an API appeared on ProductHunt within an hour of announcing our service.


We received 3 more requests that day and 100s more since then. It quickly became clear that we have a massive opportunity to integrate with other apps and services to automate workflows and solve key business challenges. We’ve been working for the past year to build the API people want.

Before we could launch an API, we needed to extend our platform to support organizations and enable them to create and manage Notarize transactions.

To this end, we launched Notarize for Business in July. For the first time ever, companies can automate the collection of notarized documents from their customers online. Nearly 1,000 organizations have registered in just five months. These organizations come from virtually every industry and use our portal to send documents to their customers, manage payment, track transaction status, and instantly collect notarized documents.

Notarize for Business has only increased demand for an API. There are two types of organizations that typically request an API.

We hear from Businesses that collect such a high volume of notarized documents that they cannot create the transactions by hand and seek to automate a key workflow or business process. For example, think about a large private wealth firm trying to onboard new customers or a national auto insurer trying to collect the forms necessary to total damaged vehicles. These organizations collect hundreds of thousands of notarized documents every year. By going online with Notarize and integrating with our API, they can automate the entire workflow and eliminate a major operational challenge.

We also hear from apps and software platforms who seek to integrate notarization into their core offering. For example, think about a property management platform that aims to allow property owners to collect notarized leases online or a platform that helps construction firms collect lien waivers. There are so many examples.

With input from a few key business and platform customers this fall, we’ve built and tested our API and are thrilled to make it widely available today. The Notarize API is incredibly easy to integrate with.

Geoff Arnold, CEO, says “It took less than a day to integrate Notarize into our existing lien waiver + payment workflow, opening up our platform to a huge new customer base. I can’t say enough about the product and team.” He goes on to say, “Every time a contractor gets paid in under forty-five days, an angel gets his wings.” With, we’re helping contractors get paid faster. Much much faster. And that feels pretty good.

By working with partners to automate their business processes, we’re helping contractors get paid faster, expats manage their lives at home, separated families manage key transactions, private wealth firms onboard new customers, landlords collect leases, and on and on. Business is flowing faster and consumers no longer dread receiving a document from a business that requires notarization. They just click, connect with a notary, and sign.

Our mission is to help people execute the most important transactions of their lives and our new API is a huge leap in that journey. We’ll be announcing several API partners in the coming weeks.

You can learn more at Notarize for Developers or check out our API Documentation here.

- Pat

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