Introducing Personally Known to Notary

Identity verification is an integral part of trust in the notarial act. At Notarize, we use features such as Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) and Credential Analysis to build that level of trust into our product.

But how does the process work if the signer already knows the notary and does not necessarily need the extra steps to verify their identity? What about internal transactions, where both the signer and the notary are employees at a business? 

We’ve launched a brand new feature, Personally Known to Notary, to address these unique transactions.

If a signer is personally known to the notary on the Notarize platform, the signer can upload their ID and skip KBA and Credential Analysis altogether. This feature is currently available to business customers using BYON (Bring Your Own Notary) on a custom or monthly pricing plan for single-signer transactions. 

What are the benefits of Personally Known to Notary? 

Personally Known to Notary makes your Notarize account even more flexible and easy-to-use for your signer and notary. Here are a few benefits of using Personally Known to Notary in the identity verification process on the platform: 

  • Greatly reduces the pre-meeting time spent on identity verification for your signers, with faster internal notarizations that occur regularly between members of your business — for example, in notarizing sales contracts. 
  • Signers will never have a photo ID rejected during credential analysis.
  • Notaries no longer have to mark signers as being identified on the platform with this feature.

How to get started with Personally Known to Notary on the Notarize platform

To get started with Personally Known to Notary, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to Notarize Support Services to have this feature enabled within your Organization Settings.