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Introducing Notarize for Android: Get Legal Notarizations Online, Anytime

At Notarize, we’ve had thousands of documents notarized on our desktop and iOS apps. Today, we’re pumped to open up the same online notarization goodness to the millions of Americans who are Android users.

We’re pleased to announce Notarize for Android is now live on the Google Play Store.

New to Notarize? Here’s what you need to know

The Notarize app is now available in the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. Legally notarizing your documents from anywhere in the world is easy: all you need is a solid WiFi or data connection, the proper documentation to validate your identity, your digital documents, and you can connect to a commissioned notary in a snap.

Here are some other helpful things to know about Notarize for Android:

  • It’s everywhere you are: No matter which device you have, businesses and individuals alike can use Notarize for Android for notarizations on the go, anywhere in the world.
  • It’s easy to connect: All you need to start using Notarize for Android is a reliable WiFi or data connection and the proper documents to validate your identity and you’re on your way to getting your documents notarized. 
  • Online notarizations, anytime you need them: Notarize for Android is available online, anytime, 24/7/365. Digitally upload your documents, annotate them, and connect with a commissioned Notary.
  • Available on any Android device: Notarize for Android is available for both phones and tablets dating back to KitKat.
  • For use for the most commonly notarized documents: Whether you’re an individual notarizing a Minor Consent to Travel Form or a business sending a client a Power of Attorney form, Notarize is here for you, online, anytime.

Notarize for Android

What can you do on Notarize for Android?

We’re excited to offer a majority of the capabilities on the Android app that we do for iOS, including:

  • Document import
  • Document preparation
  • Identity verification
  • Notary video conference
  • Document signing and annotating
  • Document export
  • In-app chat support
  • And much more!

All this, wrapped up in a beautifully designed mobile application will provide you with all you need to initiate a transaction yourself or complete a transaction sent to you by a business who needs notarized forms.

Hey Android users: ready to get your documents notarized?

Download Notarize from the Google Play Store today, upload your documents, connect to a notary, and you’re good to go.

Have thoughts or feedback on the app? We’re standing by @notarize so share your thoughts with us on Twitter or share a review on the Google Play Store (we read every review!)

notarize for android

You have notarization questions, we have notarization answers. While we at Notarize pride ourselves on providing helpful resources (like this blog!) to demystify notarization, we’re not lawyers and don’t give legal advice. Pro tip: always check with your own attorneys, advisors, or document recipients if you have further questions about notarization or digitally notarized docs.

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