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Introducing The Instant Mortgage: A New eBook for Real Estate Professionals

This is an excerpt from The Instant Mortgage ebook. Access the complete guide here.

Consumer demand is disrupting real estate. Today’s homebuyers shop online, chat through text message, and receive alerts for everything from breaking news to pizza delivery. They expect the home buying process to be an extension of these intuitive technologies.

The path your parents and grandparents took towards homeownership is completely foreign to the mortgage applicants of today. Where Mom and Dad could only tap into lenders that were within driving distance, today’s borrowers increasingly turn to the Internet for lower rates and less hassle. Big banks and community lenders find themselves grappling with tech-savvy lenders – specifically non-bank lenders – to keep their slice of the mortgage pie.

But can the home buying process really mimic that of an Amazon-like experience – where consumers can click-to-buy homes – all while improving security, compliance, and efficiency?

We think so. In fact, the “instant” mortgage is already upon us.

That's why we just published a brand new ebook: "The Instant Mortgage: How to Achieve Better Closings, Entirely Online," which details the changing real estate landscape and how to move toward fully electronic, convenient closing experience.

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Instant mortgages are the methodology and practice of completing closings in near real-time versus several months. In this book, we show one example of how a fast-growing lender closed and funded a loan in just two hours – 100% electronically. Reducing cycle times up to 85% is now a reality, and now an entire industry – homeowners included – can realize its benefits.

This book contains:

  • Introduction to Instant Closings: What it means, and how you can see huge cost savings and a better borrower experience by reducing the cycle time by up to 85%.
  • Real-life case studies: Discover how one lender closed and funded a loan in less than two hours using a fully online mortgage process, making the "instant" mortgage a reality.
  • How to go digital: How lenders, title agents, and real estate professionals are reinventing their workflow, and how to prepare yourself for the future of home buying.

As consumer demands and financial technologies revolutionize the home buying process, the vision of an instant mortgage is coming into focus. This ebook contains the cues that tell us the instant mortgage is much closer than it appears.

>> Download the free guide here

If you work with a lender, brokerage, title agency, underwriter, or bank, you won't want to miss this new guide! 

The Complete Guide to Remote Online Notarization

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