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From Paper to the Platform: How 3 Top Notaries Stamped Their Way to Success

In honor of National Notary Public Day, three featured independent notary business owners share their stories of their experience on the Notarize platform and the path that led them here.
Mackenzie Pautler
November 7, 2022
5 min

If we had it our way, every day would be National Notary Day. However, we love any excuse to celebrate the heart and soul of Notarize’s mission to support people through life’s most important moments: the notary community.

To commemorate the occasion and cast a well-deserved spotlight on their praiseworthy work, we sat down with three notaries on our platform to learn more about their notary journeys — where they started, the meaningful moments and business impacts that have shaped their experiences along the way, and their words of wisdom for future notaries.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce our all-star lineup: Neambi Thompson, Jenn Babb, and Olga Butrovich.

Q: What was it that made you initially want to become a notary and what did that journey look like?

Neambi: I first became a notary in 2018 because I gravitated towards the flexibility and financial incentives that come along with it. I began as an in-person notary, and through my work with escrow offices, and later became RON certified in 2020-2021, officially joining Notarize in 2022. Currently, I focus mostly on Real Estate transactions and smaller General Notary Work (GNW) requests.

Jenn: I’ve been a notary for 30+ years, which I had originally pursued because I needed it for my job. I started off in a hospital setting before it had become something I used as a means to help friends and family. As an independent notary, and over the past 8 years in particular, I started focusing on Real Estate transactions with title companies and lawyers, eventually doing a combination of both online and in-person notarizations. I love learning and always want to be able to offer my clients nothing but the best.

Olga: Before I became a RON notary, I was an in-person notary and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, had been working in a medical office. Specifically during the refinance boom and out of curiosity, I asked a fellow notary what the process of becoming a RON notary would entail. After taking some classes — and contracting COVID myself — I decided to pursue being a full-time notary.

Q: When considering which RON platform to grow and elevate your business through, what made you choose Notarize?

Neambi: I initially discovered Notarize via Google search, which I do regularly to stay ahead of the curve. I decided on Notarize, in particular, because its professionalism surpassed what I had seen from other platforms. It’s also a huge benefit to independent notary business owners because we can provide service out-of-state AND in China, India, etc.

Jenn: The platform I had previously been using was sold, and the operations were no longer able to support my independent notary business. I found Notarize through Google search — and had gone through 5 different platforms before settling on it. I appreciate that Notarize offers the ability to tag documents ahead of time while also offering more convenience. RON is really catching on in the United States, which is creating more excitement and driving more volume.

Olga: It’s easy to use! There’s also an app that supports Apple devices, the ability to pre-tag documents AND to choose from a variety of signatures. Not to mention, I loved the idea of being able to bring my own independent notary business to the platform.

Q: One thing that Notarize is most proud of is that we’re able to offer independent notaries the ability to choose when and from where they work. Has being remote allowed you to do things you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to? Or, what is it you value most about the remote capability through RON and Notarize?

Neambi: Using Notarize reduces my driving time (which had averaged 5K miles every 6 weeks) and has saved me time that I now get to spend with my family and kids.

Jenn: As an independent notary business, I currently have 30+ notaries working as part of my staff. Having the remote capability has allowed me to be in my office doing the work while also balancing my responsibilities of being a boss. I like that I can still be in the thick of it!

Olga: Having the ability to work remotely has helped me save money that I otherwise would have spent on gas and supplies, in addition to giving me greater flexibility which has allowed me to spend more time with my two little kids at home.

Q: As a notary on the Notarize platform, you support people through many of life’s most important moments. Are there any special memories or specific transactions that you’ve held onto and would like to share?

Neambi: Each and every client is different, and I like to adapt to their personalities so I can help them as much as possible. It’s always exciting to see people closing on new homes and leaving their current ones, and it’s always fun to see and work with first time home-buyers.

Jenn: Although being a notary oftentimes means witnessing sad moments (e.g. divorces and custody battles), it’s reassuring to know I’m able to provide some comfort, relief, and closure. I love the Real Estate side in particular, too, because of moments like seeing first time home buyers (especially the young ones) closing on their first house with their parents online and getting to feel those emotions. It’s important to remember that as a notary, you’re the last impression that gets made because you’re the only one they actually meet.

Olga: Although it may sound somber, I’ve held on to a singing during which I helped with the Estate Planning for a young couple signing a healthcare directive, specifically pertaining to Life Support. As notaries in those instances, we're helping to alleviate the decisions needing to be made by family members during some of the most difficult moments in their life.

Q: If you could offer one piece of advice to notaries beginning their journey with Remote Online Notarization or Notarize, specifically, what would it be?

Neambi: Don’t give up! It took me 2 years to get started, and isn’t an overnight solution. But, once you get there, you can do a lot and work yourself into so many different niche avenues.

Jenn: Practice, practice, practice! It’s not the same as doing in-person signings and you have to get in that grove to help move signers through the process. Keep communicating throughout the transaction and keep it light and happy. Lastly, be prepared and get your documents tagged beforehand!

Olga: Don’t be afraid and don’t hesitate! So many people are afraid to make mistakes — which is inevitable. But, it’s no more difficult than setting up an account on Facebook.

Notaries: we celebrate you every day, but especially on this one. Here’s looking at you, rockstars! Don’t forget to show some love for our featured notaries by sharing this blog on social media.

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Mackenzie Pautler
Community Marketing Manager

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