Just In: 10 Predictions for the Future of Home Buying

Half of all homebuyers today use technology to research and purchase the home of their dreams. That’s why companies like Redfin expect digital closings to become more common in the near future.

As the home buying process moves online, there are plenty of questions about what’s next for the mortgage industry.

That’s why Notarize is proud to release its first eBook: 10 Predictions for the Future of Home Buying. This report highlights cutting-edge research, case studies, and insight from industry leaders that speaks to the future of home buying.

It’s a response to calls for change that echo from every direction. Consumers want a faster, more transparent mortgage experience. Lenders are grappling with narrowing profit margins and rising competition. Loan officers and title agents are craving technology that ensures accuracy, promotes greater volume, and empowers them to compete in a rapidly changing mortgage space.

In this eBook, you'll learn about:

  • The state of digital in today’s mortgage landscape;
  • Why now is the time to double-down on customer experience;
  • How technology will change every facet of the real estate industry; and
  • How jobs will evolve to meet changing demands.

The future of real estate is digital. This could be the moment where the mortgage industry looks back and thinks, “How did we do it any other way?”

These predictions are not intended to be step-by-step instructions for building the future mortgage experience. Instead, we wanted to start a conversation about the collective next steps we should take to build the home buying process of tomorrow.

We want this to be a conversation that takes us into 2019 and beyond. Download the eBook and let us know what you think. Start a conversation with us on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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