Florida Passes Remote Online Notarization and Electronic Will Bills Together

Over the past few years, we’ve watched families, businesses, and communities rally around providing access to technology for life’s most important moments. Some of these efforts take time, but on the other side of these coalitions, lies impactful solutions that will benefit generations to come.

We’re thrilled to share that Florida not only passed its remote online notarization bill (House Bill 409), but also included an E-Will bill as part of its legislation. Governor Ron DeSantis added his signature HB 409, bringing the efficiencies of remote online notarization to the half a million notaries that call the Sunshine State home. The bill will take effect January 1, 2020.

For the over 20 million residents of Florida, and nearly 500,000 notaries, anyone can now buy or sell real estate, sign and notarize documents, or set up Wills to protect their loved ones -- entirely online.

“Remote online notarization provides the single biggest opportunity of our careers,” said James Schlimmer, Managing Partner at Cottrell Title & Escrow. “It gives millions of real estate professionals the ability to differentiate themselves and provide a convenient, on-demand closing experience for buyers and sellers that just makes sense.”

House Bill 409 will also allow remote notaries to execute fully electronic wills, in a state where more than half the population is over 40. One survey found that 40% of Baby Boomers (ages 53-71) do not have a will.

“It’s a win for the entire state of Florida,” said Cody Barbo, Co-Founder and CEO of Trust & Will. “When a top-five populated state passes something this innovative, it changes the entire industry. Our mission is to help everyone leave a lasting legacy, no matter if you’re a parent, a Baby Boomer, or someone who wants to have peace of mind for how their loved ones will be taken care of. Florida is taking that step to help us realize that vision nationwide.”

Florida is the 11th new state to adopt RON legislation in 2019, and 21st overall.

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