Cottrell Title & Escrow Celebrates First Online Closing in Southwest Florida

Last year, a Chicago couple made history when they closed on their home online using a Virginia notary and a Texas title company. It was the start of a revolution.

Since then, homeowners from across the country have used the Notarize for Mortgage platform to complete their closings at their convenience and on their terms. Today, we're proud to add the first southwest Florida closing to the list.

At the center of the transaction was 82-year old George Trepanier, a New Hampshire resident selling his winter condo in Bonita Springs, Florida - just north of Naples. George was able to sell his property in under an hour from the comfort of his living room, avoiding the trip to the title agent’s office and hand-signing over a dozen documents.

“Our mission is to deliver a redefined closing experience,” said James Schlimmer, managing partner at Cottrell Title & Escrow. "Today we proved just that, all while giving southwest Florida a glimpse at the future for how real estate transactions will transfer 100% electronically.”

The closing was powered by Notarize and ResWare, who have partnered to reimagine the workflow for both signers and title agents. The Nov. 30 closing was the first fully online closing completed in Florida using the Notarize for ResWare integration.

Since Florida has the third-most households of any state (7.39 million), trailing only California (12.8) and Texas (9.3), the potential to buy and sell their home where and when it is most convenient has yet to be realized.

"A closing experience that's truly focused on the customer requires a seamless integration of tools that work together effortlessly," said Adeptive Software president Bryan Buus. "The Notarize and ResWare integration does just that, empowering anyone to close on their home online and under their own terms.”

Notarize for ResWare eliminates the need for printing, organizing, scanning, and shipping closing documents. ResWare users no longer need to coordinate with mobile notaries and hope they complete the signing fully and on-time. Notarized documents are automatically sent back into ResWare for seamless, closed-loop document storage.

And best of all, title agents are paid sooner.

Read the print coverage from the Naples Daily News on the closing in southwest Florida, and watch the local news segment from ABC7 below: WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

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