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Fidelity Partners w/ Notarize to Transform the Way People Buy & Sell Homes

Changing an industry is no easy feat. Not only are you changing the way that businesses operate, which in our case, has been done the same way for hundreds of years, but you’re also changing consumer behavior. You’re entrusted with major moments in people’s lives, on the pursuit to build a better way for technology to deliver an experience built for the digital age.

Along our journey, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with the nation’s largest homebuilder, real estate company and fastest-growing lenders. Today, we added the nation’s largest title company to the list, Fidelity. Together, we’re excited to transform the way people buy and sell homes across the country.

The Most Trusted Platform for Title Companies

Over the last year, we’ve invested in the technology and automation needed to help any title agent across the country get started with Notarize in minutes. Having facilitated more than $1 billion in real estate entirely online with a Title Network now over 1,000-strong, we’re excited to continue to work with our partners to reshape the real estate industry.

“We’re committed to continually expanding digital solutions for our direct offices and independent agents to help them provide consumers with a better homebuying experience,” said Jason Nadeau, Chief Digital Officer of FNF. “Our use of Notarize adds an important tool in helping us accomplish our goal of facilitating a streamlined, end-to-end digital real estate transaction.”

Create your free title account and place your first order with Notarize in less than five minutes here.

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