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Let's Celebrate Notaries Everywhere: Announcing

The role of notary public has roots in ancient Egypt, where scribes would record personal letters, official proclamations, and tax records. Thousands of years later, notaries continue to serve a vital public service by empowering life’s most important moments.

Notaries enable a young couple to buy their first home, or a pair of retirees to move closer to the grandkids. They help you adopt a child, and in some states, help you vote in local and national elections.

National Notary Public Day takes place annually on November 7th. Since 1975, the day has provided the public an opportunity to recognize notaries for their public service and their contributions to national and international commerce. But we feel the contributions of notaries are much greater than a couple kind comments or a nice card.

That’s why we’re celebrating notaries all week.

Notarize is proud to extend the recognition of notaries all over the country. Today, we debut a Notary Week website that will be a one-stop shop to celebrate notaries and their impact on our everyday lives - this week and every week.

We’ll be releasing new content throughout the week that celebrates notaries, highlights their stories, and speaks to an industry on the rise.

We’d also love to hear from you! Whether you’re a notary or someone who had an outstanding notary experience, we want to hear about the moments and interactions that have stuck with you. Share on social media and follow us on Twitter (@Notarize) to take part in the conversation.

Let us be among the first to thank notaries for their vital public service. We can’t wait to spend the week celebrating their accomplishments.

Check out the website for all the celebrating we're doing this week.

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National Notary Day: Celebrating a Vital Public Service

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