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Ryan MacInnis

Notarize Episode #6: Why We Decided to put on a Real Estate Conference

Have you ever been to an event you loved? That really made the price tag worth it? Every company thinks about events, whether they're putting one on themselves or building a schedule of conferences to send their employees to. That's why I was excited to interview Courtney Margossian, who runs events here at Notarize.

In the newest episode of "This Week at Notarize" – our weekly series about everything happening inside Notarize – we talk about our conference, Rewired, and why we decided to put on a one-day event on the future of real estate.

Welcome back to the show!

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This Week at Notarize Episode #5: Defining Culture in Your Company

We're back with a new episode of "This Week at Notarize" – our weekly series about everything happening inside Notarize! This week we're talking about culture. So much of the success of any company comes down to how connected employees are to each other, and the mission they're rallied around. What many companies get wrong, is they believe that culture is a fixed idea, and what you have some semblance of it, that it never changes.

That's why I was excited to interview Jasmeet Arora and Kevin Fanning, who are both heavily active in helping us define our culture here at Notarize. 

Welcome back to the show!

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Notarize Episode #4: Open Source and Technology's Impact at Notarize

We're back with a new episode of "This Week at Notarize" – our weekly series about everything happening inside Notarize. This week, we're talking about open source technology. The truth is, Notarize wouldn't be around from a technology standpoint if we didn't take advantage of open source projects in the community. They've helped our product reach millions of people safely and securely. 

That's why I was excited to interview Eric Butler, who just recently published an open source project here at Notarize, and is part of the engineering team. This episode is all about being a part of a community that makes software, and technology more broadly, better for the world.

Welcome back to the show!

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Uber & Lyft: How the Gig Economy is Impacting the Role of the Notary

I can’t remember the last time I took a cab, and the luxury of having my favorite sushi delivered to my front door isn’t bad, either. These experiences are products of the booming “Gig Economy,” a term coined by Tina Brown of The Daily Beast to describe the influx of freelance and part-time work in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

Today, the gig economy is now responsible for more than 10% of jobs across the country. In this blog post we’ll explore how remote online notarization, which empowers notaries to notarize documents entirely online and from the comfort of their homes, is providing 4 million notaries with the opportunity to offer better, on-demand service through an ever-evolving gig economy.

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Notarize Episode #3: The Secret Behind the Notarize Content Strategy

It's a new week and that means a new episode of "This Week at Notarize" – our weekly series about everything happening inside Notarize. This week I was super excited to interview Andrew MacDougall, who leads all things content. So much of the company's success, and its ability to move major industries to adopt new technology, is thanks to the work he's done.

Want more data on this? Here are some numbers about our content:

  • We've published more than 100 blog posts in the last year 
  • Our complete guide to remote online notarization was downloaded more than 3,000 times
  • We've tripled site traffic since last summer

Welcome back to the show!

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Notarize Episode #2: 8,000+ App Store Reviews & Reimagining Customer Experience

We're back! In the second edition of "This Week at Notarize" I was super excited to interview Liz Graham, Notarize's COO.

Since you saw us last, tons have happened inside the company, and we're really excited to focus this week's episode on customer experience. Here are some quick stats about customer experience at Notarize and some of the things we're really proud of:

  • We have more than 5,000 5-star reviews on Trust Pilot
  • We have nearly 10,000 5-star reviews across the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Our notaries have maintained a 4.97 rating after tens of thousands of notarizations

Welcome back to the show!

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Notarize Episode #1: Rewired, $1 Billion in Real Estate, and Marriage

Lots have changed in the last four years at Notarize. From building an award-winning mobile app to completing the first online closing, to having 30% of the real estate industry use our platform, Notarize has experienced tremendous growth while helping people around the world with life's most important moments.

The challenge, however, is not everything is being shared with you, and the community, today. That's why we're excited to welcome you to our new series, This Week at Notarize.

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Fidelity Partners w/ Notarize to Transform the Way People Buy & Sell Homes

Changing an industry is no easy feat. Not only are you changing the way that businesses operate, which in our case, has been done the same way for hundreds of years, but you’re also changing consumer behavior. You’re entrusted with major moments in people’s lives, on the pursuit to build a better way for technology to deliver an experience built for the digital age.

Along our journey, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with the nation’s largest homebuilder, real estate company and fastest-growing lenders. Today, we added the nation’s largest title company to the list, Fidelity. Together, we’re excited to transform the way people buy and sell homes across the country.

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How Notarize Helps Thrive Mortgage Fund Loans in Minutes

Kelley Cooper Spencer never wants to sign a piece of paper ever again. In fact, Thrive Mortgage COO Selene Kellam has told Spencer and her colleagues that she will only eClose her personal mortgage loans in the future. Becoming a fully digital mortgage company, thus, wasn’t just an ambition: it was foundational to the DNA of the Thrive Mortgage family.

“We wanted to lead the mortgage industry in how we helped homebuyers get into their homes,” said Spencer. “And if we could do it well – if we could move the mortgage industry – then we could help shift every other industry away from paper and manual processes.”

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Iowa Passes Remote Online Notarization Bill, Unlocks Nationwide Acceptance

When Virginia passed the first bill on remote online notarization back in 2011, they authorized their notaries to serve anyone, anywhere and unleashed the ability for people nationwide to get a document notarized entirely online. However, Iowa has been the one state whose law was written such that it specifically conditioned acceptance of out-of-state notarizations, denying online notarizations.

Today we’re excited to share that is no longer the case, and even better: the Iowa legislature has voted to rescind these laws in favor of remote online notarization legislation.

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