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Pat Kinsel

Pat Kinsel

Founder & CEO

Notarize welcomes former Fannie Mae eMortgage head to the team

Notarization = Headache + Hassle. At least, that’s been the notarization reputation to date, thanks to tracking down a local notary, scheduling times and sorting through paperwork, often to find out the notary is no longer available or the document was completed incorrectly. We launched Notarize last year with the goal of changing that: by bringing notarization online, we make it more convenient, secure and safe. Eighteen months in, we’re receiving emails and Tweets of “Thank you!”s and “Finally!”s for creating a reliable, online solution. Our favorite: Notarize = The Future!

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Nevada Passes Remote Notarization Bill

Update: on June 9th Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed AB 413 into law, officially bringing remote online notarization to Nevada.

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Texas Passes Remote Notarization Bill

Update: on June 1st, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB1217 into law, officially bringing remote online notarization to Texas.

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John Suh, LegalZoom CEO, joins Notarize Advisory Board

If we asked you to name one brand synonymous with bridging the divide between the legal and digital worlds, we bet you’d name LegalZoom. Since 2001, LegalZoom has changed how consumers and businesses access legal services. They’ve made the market with over 4M customers and have helped countless people access the legal services they need.

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Notarize Selected for the National Association of Realtor's REach Program

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR) named Notarize as part of its 2017 REach Program. The mission of REach is to help companies connect and innovate within the real estate industry. Each year up to ten technology companies are selected for displaying transformative qualities to help consumers and realtors better access and navigate the real estate industry.

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Online Notaries Serving Americans Around the World

These pins represent the locations of the last 5,000 customers our notaries have served. While we can all relate to our customers' stories here at home, it's extraordinary to think of the time and frustration we're saving people traveling and living abroad. For example, an American in Nigeria connected with Notarize - she would have otherwise needed to travel 10 hours by car to the US Embassy. This story repeats itself constantly.

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An updated iPhone App

It’s been just over a year since we released our iPhone App and changed how people notarize documents. Since then, we’ve released new features for Businesses and Developers at a feverish pace. We’ve also been heads down, listening to feedback and looking at analytics to understand how people use Notarize and where they run into roadblocks.

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Introducing the Notarize Partner API

We’re thrilled to announce Notarize for Developers — an API to automate the collection of notarized documents.

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National Notary Association Releases Model Legislation with Provisions for Remote Online Notarization

Today, the National Notary Association (NNA) released new model notarial legislation in the Model Electronic Notarization Act of 2017 (MENA).

Building upon its landmark Model Notary Act of 2010, MENA includes comprehensive standard provisions which states can use to enable their notaries to safely and effectively perform notarial acts using modern electronic means. MENA also includes explicit provisions for recognition and acceptance of electronic notarial acts duly performed by other states’ notaries.

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Notarize + lienwaivers.io

At Notarize, we’ve come to appreciate that a notarization can often hold up some of life’s most important transactions. As people are trying to buy a home, transfer assets, or open an account, that process often grinds to a halt as someone searches to find a notary and then makes sure it ends up in the hands of the person who needs it. By solving the notary challenge, we’re unblocking these important transactions so people can get back to the task at hand.

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