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How to Keep Real Estate Transactions Secure

In Q4 2021, mortgage debt reached more than $10 trillion. That’s a lot of money changing hands on a monthly basis as people pay off their loans. And if you’ve ever bought a house, you know that in addition to handing over a large sum of money, you also need to hand over a vast amount of personal information. And in addition to money, cybercriminals are increasingly interested in data. Stolen information like social security numbers, credit histories and account numbers are extremely valuable, as they can be used to steal people’s identities, open fake accounts and much more.

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Future-Proofing Wealth Management: Top Trends for 2022

Financial services technology (FinTech) is rapidly transforming wealth management firms into digital enterprises. In Q3 2021, BCG reported that the FinTech sector saw a 173% increase in spending compared to the same quarter one year earlier.

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Top Digital Trends in Real Estate for 2022

The real estate industry is experiencing drastic changes propelled by a pandemic-induced phenomenon that many industries are grappling with: the major acceleration of technology brought on by the necessity to do business remotely.

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Notarize Year in Review: Here’s What Was Notarized in 2021

At Notarize, we believe every notarization is a small but important moment in someone’s life. Notarizations are often the last step in a lengthy, complicated process – like buying a home or adopting a child. We’re proud to serve as a footnote to a story much bigger than ourselves.

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Notarize Expands Leadership Team with David Razon and Derek Knudsen

Today, Notarize is thrilled to announce the appointment of Derek Knudsen as our new Chief Technology Officer and David Razon as our new Chief People Officer. Derek and David join Notarize at a key growth moment for the company, as we continue to cultivate top-tier talent with a commitment to technological innovation, company culture, and making every online transaction safer and more reliable. These recent hires come on the heels of being named to Forbes ‘Next Billion Dollar Startups’ list and earning the #114 spot on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America in 2021. 

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How Financial Institutions Can Keep Customers Safe with Authentication

Consumers want to their financial institutions to offer products and services online, which raises the issue of digital security. While major financial institutions have moved many services online, they are constantly evaluating best practices to ensure privacy and security.

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How Lenders Can Make More Revenue in 2022

Just about everything is digital these days. Now, you can buy groceries, order food for delivery, book an appointment, refill a prescription, and more — all online and on any device. Technologies like e-signatures, mobile check deposits, and online notarization make once arduous, time-consuming processes simple, easy, and automated. 

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Notarize Makes Built In's List for Best Remote-First Places to Work

Notarize is proud and excited to announce that we made Built In’s list for the Top 100 Remote-First Places to Work!

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Will Virtual Litigation Survive Post-Pandemic?

Over the last two years, the world has been forced to alter the way they work and live. Law firms experienced a dramatic shift to virtual litigation that accelerated the industry’s digital transformation by years. But, how did virtual litigation perform compared to the in-person experience that has dominated the field until now?

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Driving Change: Digitizing the Auto Insurance Industry

Digital is the name of the game when it comes to attracting auto insurance customers. The convenience of transacting online simply can’t be matched by traditional brick and mortar insurance providers.

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