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Jennifer Gustavson

Are Online Car Marketplaces a Covid Fad?

The auto sales industry has experienced a turbulent last two years.  With a business model based overwhelmingly on in-person interactions — from perusing stock at dealerships to test-driving a vehicle and signing a contract —  physical car marketplaces suffered devastating blows when the pandemic shuttered the operability of dealerships..

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Why Lawyers Need to Embrace Digital Transformation

Skepticism has never been an effective way to thwart the impact of technology, and adopting digital practices in the legal industry is no different. When Jeff Bezos and Amazon set out to disrupt the way we buy and sell books, there were likely skeptics who would've never predicted the success and growth that was to come.

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The Latest Trends in Digital Banking

The banking industry was one of the first to fully realize and harness the digital revolution, with financial institutions first experimenting with online banking possibilities as far back as the 1980s. A business model that once relied on locality and face-to-face interactions has now transformed into an industry where nearly 90% of American bank account holders use mobile banking of some kind

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Technology Car Dealerships Need for Conducting Online Business

Even with modern updates to the car buying process, the entire model is ripe for disruption from research to resale. The tech revolution has spared no industry — why should car sales be any different? 

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Can Legal Tech Stop Mass Resignation?

When the pandemic hit early last year, it shook employment numbers across industries. At first, the employment losses across the workforce could largely be attributed to the pandemic's logistical disruptions, as companies scrambled to keep staff while simultaneously trying to move to remote operations. But as the pandemic wears on 2 years later, people are quitting at higher rates — and for different reasons. Four million workers quit their jobs in July 2020, leading to what many are calling the Great Resignation.

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How Car Dealerships Need to Pivot in 2022

For many Americans, going to a car dealership and haggling over a purchase ranks right up near negotiating an insurance bill or getting a root canal. Many buyers dread the hours spent treading from the car lot to the finance office, negotiating with sales reps working on commission, and filling out reams of paperwork. But for decades, few saw any other option. 

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How Law Firms Can Continue Their Work — Remotely

Law firms are known for rigorous work schedules, long hours at the office, and mandatory in-person appearances in the courtroom. Culturally and logistically, it's not a profession that many thought could transition easily to remote work. But when COVID hit in March 2020, firms had to do just that — and nearly half moved from office to home in just one day. 

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