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Cleo Wolf

How Seek Business Capital Adopted Online Notarization

Of the nearly 30 million small businesses in the United States, about 85% have fewer than 20 employees. The ability to live your dream and provide opportunities for those around you is essential in cultivating the health and well-being of your community.

From small auto repair shops to cupcake businesses, success and failure hinge on the ability to receive the funds needed to run your business. It can also be the difference between a successful small business and one shuttered by a big-name brand.

As we think about funding the success of small businesses across the country, notaries have an important role to play in turning dreams into realities.

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Sending Multi-Doc Transactions With Notarize For Business

Many businesses choose to partner with Notarize so they can enable their customers to notarize documents electronically. While this saves everyone involved the time and trouble of finding a traditional paper notary, we wanted to make it even easier to complete multiple documents at once. Today, we are pleased to announce that Notarize Businesses can now send out multi-doc transactions!

With this latest feature release, Notarize for Business customers can create a transaction containing more than one document that requires signature.

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Now Business Accounts Can Resend Their Transactions

From start to finish, using traditional methods to get a document notarized can be daunting. That’s why Notarize offers a solution for easily creating, sending, and collecting document transactions. But what happens when the signer forgets to complete their document? Because we understand that this can be time-sensitive, we’ve empowered our business customers to resend a transaction access email!

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Introducing Multi-Signer Transactions

As your business grows, so may your need for more complex notarizations. As we continue to offer support for all your notarization needs, we understand that document completion sometimes involves two signers for a single document. As of today, Notarize for Business customers can send out multi-signer transactions!

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