Announcing Notarize for Credit Unions

We’ve spent the last year working with banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions on what a world-class experience looks like for their customers. Since then, we’ve won the nation’s largest credit unions, retirement services companies, and small business lenders to offer a service that delivers on that promise.

Today, we're excited to share that evolution, and announce our newest solution: Notarize for Credit Unions.

In the summer of 2019, Notarize announced its eSignature product, which was its first step in offering a fully-bundled digital transaction management solution right out of the box. Today, the nation’s largest Credit Unions depend on Notarize to reimagine their member experience and the role digital technologies play in their transformation. In the last six months, Credit Unions and Banks have sent hundreds of transactions through the Notarize platform.

Here's why Credit Unions like BCU are choosing Notarize:

  • A better, digitally-driven member experience
  • Turns a days-long, paper-drive process and turns it into 15 minutes
  • Branches see immediate efficiencies with loan approval times and more

“Notarize has helped reduce a process in paper that took days to complete, to an average of 15 minutes that gets sent right to our system,” said Allison Yaney, Supervisor of Consumer Loan Servicing and Consumer Titles at Baxter Credit Union. “I can’t think of any other business that allows their customers to have a FaceTime-like experience over your phone. It’s just better for our members, and better for our business.”

Notarize for Credit Unions and Banks reduces loan turnaround times, improves operational efficiencies, and brings a digital-first service to member experience.

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