3 Reasons You Don't Want to Miss Digital Mortgage Trailblazers

Notarization is experiencing a renaissance: online notarization has forever changed how the real estate and mortgage industries do business. Title agents, mortgage and real estate brokers, and lenders are no longer bogged down by paper. And instead are able to focus on delivering the best customer experience possible, all thanks to online notarization.

One state that is embracing online notarization is Texas. On the heels of online notarization going into effect as well as the first online closing in Texas, we’re celebrating these milestones by hosting Digital Mortgage Trailblazers, a three-city roadshow. On the fence about attending? Here are three reasons you don’t want to miss Digital Mortgage Trailblazers coming to Texas July 23 - July 26.

1. Get the insider scoop on digital mortgage, direct from those leading the path.

Moving the industry towards digital is one of the biggest innovations real estate and mortgage has seen in the greater part of the last 20 years.

Wonder how it was done?

Want to meet those who were early supporters of digital?

Want to learn how you can implement your own digital strategy?

By attending Digital Mortgage Trailblazers, you’ll get an insider’s view on how to future proof your business and learn where digital mortgage is going, direct from the people leading the charge. We’ll have an interactive keynote session where you’ll hear from leaders within real estate and mortgage. Best of all, you’ll get to network directly with them after the session is over.

2. Connect with hundreds of tech-forward real estate and mortgage peers.

Don’t go the digital path alone. At Digital Mortgage Trailblazers, you’ll get to meet your tech-forward peers in the industry and learn what they’re doing to stay relevant in the age of digital. Wonder how a fellow title agency or lender went fully paperless? It's no longer a mystery: now is your chance to ask any and all of your burning questions about digital with your peers right at Digital Mortgage Trailblazers.

3. Meet with ecosystem partners who’ll enable you to go digital.

When it comes to enabling the fully digital closing, it takes the collective cooperation of the entire mortgage ecosystem to cross the finish line. If you’ve been wanting to go digital but were unsure of what which partners to engage, get ready to meet them in Texas.

By attending Digital Mortgage Trailblazers, you’ll get to meet lenders and warehouse partners, be introduced to peers who can teach you all about eNote and eVault technology, and learn about the state of title underwriter support today. You'll leave Digital Mortgage Trailblazers with the tools and steps in place to go digital.

We’re counting down the days until Digital Mortgage Trailblazers (only 10 days to go!) and we couldn’t be more excited to meet you. Haven’t registered yet? Head here to claim your seat.

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