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Notarize is looking for talented notaries to join its expanding team. Not a commissioned e-notary public yet? We can help you get there. Not interested in full time? That’s ok, too. Earn a competitive salary with benefits, help serve our enterprise customers, and leverage our industry-leading professional development programs.

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All of our agents have background screenings, are certified signing specialists, and must carry Errors and Omissions insurance. They’re also trained by the National Notary Association, with whom we have a training agreement.

Notarize Agent
Notarize Agent
"Every customer we help is a success story... Notarize is helping people that can’t get notarizations when they need them."
"Notarize is the future... Having a platform that allows notarization from anywhere and anytime opens this industry to exciting new possibilities."

Becoming a Notarize agent:

To join the Notarize platform, you must be a certified electronic notary public in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you're in Virginia but not yet an eNotary, apply and Notarize will help you gain your e-Notary commission. Learn more about becoming an e-Notary in our Knowledge Center.

To better serve our customers, Notarize holds its agents to a higher standard. In accordance with the Signing Professionals Workgroup standards, all Notarize agents are required to complete background checks and must hold Errors and Omissions Insurance. Notarize will reimburse you for these costs if you become a productive agent on our platform.